If He Doesn’t Care About You, Walk Away!

If He Doesn’t Care About You

There are many different men that you can date in your life and there is no excuse for being with someone that doesn’t love and respect you. If you have a guy that doesn’t care about you, love yourself and walk away!

You Are Different

There is no other person like you. You are the one person that acts and thinks like you do. Find someone that loves you for who you are because you are different, and you are unique. Prove to yourself that you need to be with someone that loves you. If he doesn’t move forward.

You Have It!

You have everything to offer someone. If this guy cannot embrace your qualities and embrace who you are, they are not passionate enough to be part of your life. You have a lot to offer someone so if they don’t care, walk away.

You Aren’t a Third Wheel

You are not a third wheel, and you aren’t someone that should be treated like one. Make him treat you like you are important and that you belong to him.

You Are a Hard Worker

You may not have reached all of life’s goals yet, but you work hard to reach the goals in front of you. You set your mind on something and you make it happen. Be with someone that cares about your goals and your ideas.

You Should Be Respected

Make him respect you. Make him show you that he loves you. If he doesn’t, then walk away from him.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Sometimes the real problem is that guys don’t usually change. If you want to be with someone and you think they are going to change and love you more, it probably won’t happen. If they don’t love and respect you now, don’t waste your time.

Your Feelings Mean Something

If you are feeling sad or you are feeling angry then the guy you are with should care about that. He should look at you and care about your feelings and your emotions. If he doesn’t care about how you are feeling, he doesn’t deserve you.

You Give Your All

No matter what situation you are in, you give your all. You give everything that you can to make him happy and to be part of his life. He needs to give things back to you.

You’re Strong

Even though you aren’t the strongest person in the world, you are strong, and you are important. Let him see how strong you are and fight a good fight to show him who you are.

You Care

You care about everything in his life and your own life because you don’t only do half things. You put your all in everything that you do. You have a passion to live your best life and you do whatever it takes to show others, especially him, that you care. Make him show you that he cares back for you.