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Numerology and How it Works

Have you ever watched the movie (the number 23)? Did you feel puzzled and interested after watching the movie? Did you become more interested in numbers and what lies beneath? If you want to know more about the path your like will take or the obstacles that object your life, …

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Numerology: 2018 and Your Personal Year Number

2018 is a special year for those who study numerology. It is comprised of both the number 11 (8+1+2) and the number 2. 11 is considered to be a “sacred number” in numerology, and is associated with both spirit guides and angels. It is said to give off a “sacred …

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Using Numerology to Boost Your Luck

Numerology as an occult science has it roots in India. Thought to be inspired by Divine Revelation, they made scientific discoveries that built and advanced their culture. Their conclusions in both astrology and numerology have been verified by  modern science. Scientific Discovery India pioneered numerous discoveries in the science of …

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