Is He Going to Miss Me?

Miss Me

Most people have went through some kind of breakup at some point in their life and they wonder what they can do to get their ex back. Sometimes people need to take a relationship break and this doesn’t always mean that the relationship is over forever.

You might wonder if you should just let him go or if you should try to get him back and you might wonder if you stop talking to him if he is even going to miss you.

Missing You

Breakups can be hard, and you might wonder if he even is going to miss you. Everyone wants the answer to be a yes but sometimes this will depend on different factors. This can depend on how much you loved each other and how long you were in the relationship together. You might also need to consider why you broke up in the first place.

He will miss you and want you back if you make the situation work for your advantage. You need to make sure that you aren’t being needy and you aren’t begging him to come back to you because this will never work.

Leaving Him Alone

Men can be strange, and they act differently during a breakup than women do. They have different emotions, and they aren’t needy. They want you to prove that you aren’t going to be needy and the best way that you can do this is to give him the silent treatment. He will wonder why you haven’t tried to contact him and if you miss him or not.

Some women wonder if they will be forgotten or if he will get with someone else if she gives him the silent treatment but remember, you aren’t together right now anyways.

How to Stop Contacting Him

Women have a hard time leaving men alone after a breakup. This can be hard and you will want to talk to him and see him but you cannot do that. You have to avoid calling or texting. If you have friends that are mutual friends, don’t hang out in those places that you know he will go. Stay busy with your life and find hobbies that you neglected in the past.

No Contact Rules

Here are the no contact rules:

  • No contact will stop things from getting worse. The closer you stay to him the more you will argue and this will not give you feelings or emotions time to heal. Let yourself heal so that you don’t push him further away.
  • He will miss you if you give him a chance to miss you. Most men will miss you if you leave them alone. Men are creatures of habit and so when you take things away from them that they are used to, they will think of you.
  • Being more attracted: He will be more attracted to you if you are leaving him alone. If things were bad before the breakup, you need to give him time to get over these things. Once you stop going after him, you will see that you can have the power to make the relationship work out for you.

Making Him Want You

There are things that you can do to make yourself more attractive. Women wonder if he will come back if you leave him alone and if you do this, he will at least look at you in a more positive way.

You Listen

Once you step away from the relationship, it allows you to listen more. If you don’t leave him alone though, you will not listen to what he is trying to tell you. If you don’t listen, he will probably think he was right to break up with you.

Stay Strong

Women that are strong are seen as sexy. Give him the space that he wants and make him want to see you. Make him come to you when it is time for him to miss you. Let him see that you are discovering who you are and that you are living your best life.

Be Mature

Don’t be immature and act like a child. Don’t do what it takes to get what you want but just sit back and wait. Leave him alone and let him see what he is missing.

Having a Loving Relationship

You can leave him alone and you will wonder if he is going to come back to you. The truth is you never really know. You can take things slow, have fun in your life and wait to see what happens. Having a no contact with him will make this work out better for you, even if you need to end up moving on.