Knowing If You’re in a Karmic Relationship


Have you ever had a strong connection with your partner and the connection is so strong that you feel like it is magnetic? This might be someone that you cannot stop thinking about and really, you think it might be your soulmate.  If you are on a karmic relationship journey, it can be hurtful and emotional. Sometimes these are relationships that end with someone being obsessive and rude.

Love is the one thing that you need to look for and you need to make sure that your relationship isn’t karmic. Karmic relationships only last for a short term and there are so many red flags that it should be obvious that you are in that kind of relationship.

Knowing You are in a Karmic Relationship

Here are some ways you can know that you are in a karmic relationship:

Strong Connection

You will have a strong, instant connection. This will be someone that you are connected with right away and that you feel like you cannot live without. This can be someone that is from your past life.


Karmic relationships are full of drama. The connection is there but you ignore all of the red flags. This will be an emotional coaster and you will have ups and downs.

Communication Problems

You will have communication problems with this person. You will try to talk things out, but they will always make excuses or always blame you. The relationship will feel like you are the only one putting anything in.


Karmic relationships are codependent. They are one sided and your partner will forget that you have needs because they are always getting their met. They will bond to you, but you will become dependent on them and forget who you are.

What do Karmic Relationships Do?

Here are how karmic relationships affect you:

Feeling Addicted

You will want to be with your partner, and you will never want them around you. It will be like you are addicted to them. This will be hard, and your partner might want to end the relationship.


This kind of relationship is tiring because there are so many ups and downs. You will feel mentally tired, and you will never feel that you are well and strong.

It Seems Impossible

You will feel that this kind of relationship is impossible, and it will hurt your mental health. It cannot last for long because you will grow exhausted.

Getting Out of a Karmic Relationship

The fastest way to get out of a karmic relationship is to first admit you are in one. You need to not deny the red flags and you need to see that you can get out of it once you understand what is going on.

Find your own happiness and focus on who you are. The relationship will have such a coaster effect that it will be hard to walk away from, but you can do it. Your life will be better once you walk away and find your freedom.