When You Love Someone Too Much

Love Someone Too Much

Love is one thing that makes the world go around and when you find someone that you feel like you want to spend the rest of your life with, are they are sure as you are? You need to make sure that you have communication and that you are able to talk about the future. If they are shutting you down, chances are that they aren’t meeting your emotional needs.

What do you do when he isn’t giving you the understanding or if he seems to be losing interest? Does he want to spend more time with his friends than you do? Or do you feel that he is suffocating you or being overly dependent? What if you have been dating him for years and years and you keep waiting for a proposal that never comes?

How do you know if he loves you the same as you love him?

There are things that can go wrong with any relationship and when things don’t seem fair, it is just what it is. When you are in a relationship and you wonder if you should stay with him or if you should move on, you need to figure out what is going on.

Ignoring Me

Are you with someone that isn’t giving you attention that you need, or you feel that they are ignoring you? Many people have had this happen and when it happens, it can really bother you. The truth is, he isn’t that into you or he wouldn’t ignore you.

When a man is dating a woman, you have to understand that a man will do things in the relationship to be close to you. If someone doesn’t want to be with you, that’s okay and their choice but they should tell you. Don’t try to force them to be with you. If they hurt you and don’t want to be with you, let them go.

Being in a relationship takes two people that want to be involved in each other. If he isn’t giving you interest that you are giving him, walk away and find someone else to be with.

Making Contact

Why does someone act like they like you, but they wait for you to be the one to contact them? If you are in a relationship and you are the one that has to always initiate the contact, it could be at first that they are shy and don’t know what to say. But if you get used to him and he never calls or doesn’t ask to get together, this can be a sign that they might not like you that much.

If he gets excited when you reach out to him and make a plan and when you spend time together you have a great time, chances are that he is just being lazy, and he doesn’t bother to take the time to make the relationship better. Some guys are really just like this. But, if he doesn’t want to put effort into the relationship, figure out if that bothers you or not.

Has He Lost Interest?

Have you met someone that you seem to be compatible with and things are going great and then out of nowhere he stops calling or texting you? If this happens, chances are he doesn’t want to be with you anymore and he doesn’t know what to say.

You might think he is attracted to you but if he isn’t interested in you anymore, let him go and find someone else that is.

Overly Dependent

Being codependent in a relationship is when you are having self-destructive behaviors such as addiction or poor mental health and you are in a relationship where you are only focusing on one persons needs. This can be a control problem and when someone is codependent on you, don’t focus on what you are feeling but focus on if you are allowing them to act this way.

They are not right in what they are doing but they would not be doing this if you didn’t allow them. Stop letting them be dependent on you and stop meeting all for their needs. This is very toxic and when you say no, you will see that this can change their behavior. You might need to talk to a counselor if this keeps happening.

Talking About You

A partner that you are with should not be confiding into other people about what is going on with your relationship. They should not make their friends think badly of you or dislike you by pulling them into your disagreements. If he is complaining about you and not focusing on making the relationship better, then he is speaking against you.

Catching your boyfriend lying about you to your friends is something that you should never put up with. This will make you look bad, and this is a time where your partner is not taking any responsibility in the relationship and why it is lacking. You might have to fight for yourself and to stand up for yourself and that is okay.

On the other hand, sometimes we need people that we can vent to and so if this is happening with someone, he is close to, this is different.

Will he Ask Me to Marry Him?

Have you been dating a long time and your boyfriend hasn’t even hinted on marriage? This can be someone that loves you but not someone that wants to get married.

You need to look at your relationship and find out what you want and what he wants. Don’t expect him to feel the same if he has never said that he does. You need to find someone that wants to marry you and not someone that is just dating you forever.

Is It Destiny or Do You Love Him Too Much?

When you are with someone that really loves you, you will know it. There will be disagreements, of course, but they will always be fixed. You can tell when someone loves you. The relationship that you are in should give you meaning and purpose in your life and it should be something good.

You can know if a man loves you by how he acts and how he treats you. A man or a woman should love you enough to care about your feelings and to not hurt you. They remember things that are important to what you want and what you need, and they will give you time, love, and respect. They will also include you in their future plans.

If you haven’t met the perfect person yet, you can meet them at some point in your life. Find out what is good for you and be with someone that is going to love you like you need.

Other Relationship Questions:

  • Should I leave my partner? If your relationship isn’t fulfilling to your life, then you don’t have to feel bad for leaving them. Find happiness and do what it takes to be at peace.
  • Is the relationship balanced? Both you and your partner should be putting time into the relationship. If you aren’t loving each other equally then this might not be the right relationship for you.
  • Do you want to stay in the relationship? Do you feel happy, and do you feel that you are fulfilled in the relationship? If not, then you might should move on.
  • Is your relationship a toxic one? When you feel taken advantage of, neglected, talked about, treated poorly and you aren’t getting your needs met then your relationship is probably toxic.

Is This Love?

Not every relationship is going to be good and if you are with someone that doesn’t love you then you aren’t in a good relationship. Don’t give your heart and your life to someone that doesn’t love you back.

Dedicate your heart and your life to people that will put the effort into the relationship that you put into it. You don’t have to settle for someone that isn’t going to love you or meet your needs.

We all wonder sometimes if we should stay in certain relationships and if you don’t feel that you should or if you have questions that you can’t answer, talk to a psychic to give you help with your love life.