When Your Ex Hide’s a New Partner

Your Ex Hide’s a New Partner

When you go through a breakup, it will be time for you and your ex to move on to different lives. You might be tempted to go online and find out if your ex is happy or if they have moved on. Looking at your ex online is something that is normal but if you find out he is hiding his new relationship, you might wonder why.

There are signs that your ex is being secretive about his new relationship. Maybe he won’t answer your questions, or he acts like he doesn’t even know the girl you are talking about. You might wonder why he is even talking to you if he is in another relationship.

What does it mean when he is hiding his relationship from you? There are reasons that an ex might hide his relationship from you, and he might be doing this because he is being selfish, or it could be because he is not trying to hurt you. He might be afraid that you will get your feelings hurt if you find out.

Looking at the personality of your ex is a way that you can figure out why your ex is hiding their new relationship. Look at how your relationship ended and what happened after you two broke up. Your ex might not be telling you about his new love because he doesn’t think it is any of your business. He might be someone that is rude, secretive, impulsive and he might feel that you never treated him right. Since you aren’t with him anymore, he might think that he doesn’t owe you any kind of explanation of what he is doing.

Or he might not be telling you in case he needs time to find out if he is really over you. By not telling you about his new partner, he still can have a chance to get back with you later if things don’t work out with his new love.

On the other hand, he could be keeping this because he wants to protect your feelings. He doesn’t want to go out and show off his new relationship or try to rub it in when he wants to make sure that you are okay first. He might have moved on and hopes that you have too but doesn’t want to hurt you in the process.

Sometimes an ex will hide things because he is respectful to his ex, and he doesn’t want you to feel like he is pushing the relationship in your face. He might be waiting for you to find a new love before he tells you.

His own actions might not feel right to him, and he might be worried about how finding love after you will affect others. If you have mutual friends, then he might be afraid that he is going to upset them or make them feel bad because he moved on. He might worry that if he tells you that he is with someone that you will lose your hope of getting back together with him.

He might do this because he wants to make sure that you aren’t going to get hurt in the process or he might be doing it because he is a private person. Some people don’t like to flaunt their relationship to everyone, and he might just want to protect his new love from the public eye for a while. He might want to just enjoy being with someone without having to hear about how terrible he was to you.

When you have emotional ties to someone that you have broken up with, sometimes it is better to not know what they are doing now. You might not want to see him with someone else and the truth is, since you are no longer together, he doesn’t have to tell you something he doesn’t want to tell you. He deserves to be happy just like you do, and he doesn’t need to get your approval to find it.