When Your Loved One Dies

When Your Loved One Dies

When you have a loved one that dies, you probably want to know what happens next. Transitioning to their next life can be something that is beautiful and exciting. When someone goes from life to death, they leave their physical body, and their spirit continues on.

Death is a change that everyone will experience, and this is part of the journey in life. Even though you might not understand it because you haven’t experienced it, it is something that can take time to adjust to.

When you talk to your loved one through a medium, you might want to ask them what happened when they transitioned. You might want to ask them how this felt and have them tell you all about it. This can help you to know more about what to expect.

What Might Happen When Your Loved One Dies?

Here are some things that might happen when your loved one dies:

They Are Met by Other People

Your loved one might meet angels, people, friends, family, and strangers when they die. When someone is dying, they might want to meet up with their loved ones that have went before them.

Being afraid to let someone go might keep them from reaching the place where they want to go. Sometimes when a person that was married gets a reading from their deceased loved one, they want to cross over and meet with them soon.

They can sometimes see the spirits of their loved one when they are getting ready to die and it isn’t uncommon for someone to have visions of their dead friends and family members when they are in their final stages of life. Some people will see animals that are waiting for them on the other side.


Some believe that the spirit leaves the body right away and others believe that the spirit waits until the body releases it. Regardless of this, there are some people that will have bad things happen to them that causes their death such as mental illness or some kind of trauma. When the spirit leaves the body for these situations, it can be released before the body dies.

A deceased loved one that sees you suffering might come to you and take you out before your body actually dies.


There is a time between death and going to the other side that some believe the spirits can sleep and rest. This can allow the spirit to recharge from their death. This space doesn’t mean that the spirit isn’t going to cross over, it is just a resting place before that happens.

The person usually has healing before they transition, and this allows them to get rid of any pain in their body.

Reviewing Their Life

When the loved one is ready to cross over and they have their resting period, they can take time to review what happened to them while they were on earth. This is the life review time.

This can happen to them with other spirits and angels and sometimes there are up to seven of them. These are times where they can see all the good things that they did on the earth from their birth to their death. They will see their life played before them like a movie.

The review that they have of their time on earth allows them to understand and appreciate their life even more. Once it is done, they can see things from a different viewpoint and can understand their own actions.

Going Straight Through

After the earth review, the spirit goes to where it is going. This can be a time where they visit you and where they come to readings that you try to have with a medium.

Some spirits will come to the family, and some will discuss their ideas with the angels and guides. The people that were teachers and healers will continue to the spiritual world to keep doing what they were doing.

Next Incarnation

The goal of the souls in this article is to incarnate again. They are meant to give unconditional love to the universe, and they might have to learn many things along the way. Some people have very few lives and others have many lives.

Each time you go to a different life, you will have a different soul group. This will be your friends, relatives, loved ones and strangers that you meet along your journey. These are people that will assist you through your path.

The loved ones that have crossed over might even come to you again in this life or they might continue to a different place. Some spirits wait for their loved ones to complete their stages before they move to another life.

Final Thoughts

There are different things that people believe, and some believe that these are the stages of transitioning into death. This process can be different for everyone and can be thought of by different people.

It usually takes a spirit about 10 days to cross over to the other side and so you have to give them time to cross over. Many spirits will visit you before they go to their next life so that they can let you know that they are okay.


  1. The perspective on death and transitioning as described in the article is intriguing. It offers a sense of continuity and comfort, especially for those coping with loss.

  2. The concept of an afterlife where spirits meet loved ones and review their lives is fascinating. It provides a thought-provoking insight into what might happen post-mortem.

  3. The notion of life reviews and subsequent incarnations suggests a cycle of learning and growth. This perspective adds a new dimension to the concept of an afterlife and reincarnation.

  4. The article provides a comprehensive look at what might occur after death, including the interaction with mediums and spirits. It’s a detailed exploration that raises many questions about the afterlife and spiritual transitions.

  5. The idea that spirits need time to rest and recharge after death offers a unique viewpoint on the transition process. It aligns with some spiritual and religious beliefs, adding depth to the understanding of life after death.


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