Using Numerology to Boost Your Luck



Numerology as an occult science has it roots in India. Thought to be inspired by Divine Revelation, they made scientific discoveries that built and advanced their culture. Their conclusions in both astrology and numerology have been verified by  modern science.

Scientific Discovery

India pioneered numerous discoveries in the science of Astronomy. Namely, the solstices, ecliipses, and the precession of the equinoxes. Modern astronomers still marvel at how the Ancient civilization was able to make the necessary calculations without modern technology.

We believe they were reacting to revelations revealed to them during states of higher conciousness.

Science Tries to Understand


Records dating back for millenia reveal these numerical discoveries in works of poetry and other versed writings. Modern science has spent centuries just making the calculations to verify the work of the Indian wise men. How did they achieve this without so much as a calculator?

In the Vedas

The Ancient Indians studied their canonical sacred texts, the Vedas, to draw conclusions about the universe. This is how they discovered the link between the numbers, planets, alphabet, and names. These findings form the basis of Numerology.

Numerology is useful when you are naming a variety of things. From your business to your pets, a properly chosen name can impart luck by raising your vibrations. The goal is to vibrate in tune with your lucky numbers and lucky stars. Your lucky planets are set at birth. Learn what they are and apply this knowledge in all aspects of your life.

Lucky Famous People

When you look at celebrity personalities, they often have lucky names that translate to positive numerology. Stage names and nicknames can work the same way. Changing your name may be all that stands between you and good fortune!


Lucky Names and Numerology

Research and use lucky names when you have a new baby or a new business. Being in tune with your lucky planets can set you up for lasting success on your new venture. Strive to use names that vibe well with each other and with your own name to maximize your vibrations.

Other Numerology Resources

One definitive resource for those looking to study numerology in depth is the book Numerology by Cheiro. Numerology is a fascinating branch of the occult sciences, and we can only hope to understand it as thoroughly as the Indus River Valley civilization did.