Finding Your Life Path Number

Life Path Number

Numerology can help you to understand more things about your life. Numbers play a big role in how you live and what the universe has planned for you. As you understand the stars and the planets more, you can see that you can find out what challenges that you might face in your path and how you can overcome them. This can help you to grow both mentally and spiritually.

The Life Path Number is one that can help you to understand what your future holds. It can tell you the strengths and weaknesses that you have and how these things can help you to reach your life path. It will tell you what you need to learn in this life and how it can help you to evolve.

Your Life Path Number will tell you more about yourself and you can find out why you were even put on the earth and what you are meant to do while you are here.

Finding Your Life Path Number

The Life Path Number goes from 1 to 9 and there are also Master Numbers, 11, 22 and 33 that are very important. Once you understand how to come up with your life path number, you can see that it can help you to understand things even better. The numbers need to be calculated down to a single digit unless you have a Master number that will not be a single digit.

It is easy to calculate in numerology and once you come up with a number like the number 13, you can break this down to a single digit by adding 1+3=4 and that is your single digit number.

You can figure out your Life Path Number by writing down your birthday and then lowering it to a single digit. Once you do this, you will have your Life Path Number.

Calculating a Life Path Number

If your birthday is December 21, 1986, you would write it out like this: 1+2+2+1+1+9+8+6 =30 and then 3+0=3 and your life path number would be 3.

Understanding Your Life Path Number

Once you calculate your Life Path Number, you can see what your number means for your life and how you can use it to make things better:

  • Number 1

This is a person that is independent and a hard worker. You are probably someone that is a natural leader, and you are great being a boss to others and to yourself. You can get past challenges better than other people can and you are special because you have a drive that makes you put in a lot of effort when you want something. You won’t give up and you will live and not restrict yourself from what you need. People will come to you because of your leadership skills, and they will love that you are mature and humble.

  • Number 2

This is a person that makes a great partner. You will see good in everyone that you meet, and you are very kind, honest, sensitive, and loyal to others. You give great advice, and you are a visionary. You will do whatever you can to resolve things. You love things like music and creative arts, and you will help others by doing things like physical therapy. One downfall with this number is that people with a Life Path Number 2 are often negative and pessimistic. You want to complete everything on your own and this can be negative, but you can turn it into a positive experience.

  • Number 3

A Life Path Number 3 is a creative person. This is someone that is often an artist, a writer, painter or works in the arts. You are positive and you make people around you want to be positive too. You have talents that make people excited, but you are also sensitive, and you don’t let people get you down with their negative talk. Sometimes though you might need to spend time alone because you are overly sensitive, but this time can help you to figure out your next creative project.

  • Number 4

This number is one that is organized, and you work hard and are responsible. Sometimes you can be a little bossy, but you are disciplined is why. You work hard and you think that people should work hard as well. You can achieve whatever you put your hands to, and you would be great at science, law, managerial services and more.

  • Number 5

A Life Path Number 5 is one that is full of adventure. You will be someone that is full of energy, and you draw people to you because you are so positive. You are able to express yourself when you talk, and you make people feel more motivated. You would be someone that would be great as a life coach or someone that would work great in sales. One thing about you though is that you might talk too much, and you might be impulsive and need to work on that.

  • Number 6

This is a person that is compassionate, loving, and warm. You care about other people, and you work hard for your friends and family. People love how kind you are, and they see that you are positive and that you will do whatever you can to make life better. You would be great as a nurse or as someone that counsels others. Most of the time this number is gifted in things like creative arts, music, and healing.

  • Number 7

This is a thinker number. You like to sit alone and think about what is going on in your life and in the lives of others. You have strong intuition, and you look beyond the things happening in your life at the moment. You might be someone that is fun to be around, and you will sing or do something to be the center of attention, but you love to be alone the most. It might be hard for you to be independent if you are around other people and cutting them out of your life can be lonely. You might want to find a career in religion, science, or research.

  • Number 8

The Life Path Number is a visionary, and they love to feel secure. They are good at doing whatever they need to do and are someone that is good at doing business because they understand the material world the most. This is someone that is often wealthy and someone that finds financial success. You get people excited about the visions that you have, and you would be great at things like finance, real estate, and politics.

  • Number 9

The number 9 is one that is a humanitarian, and they love to help others. They are compassionate and caring and they are great leaders. This is someone that loves to dream and loves to have peace. They want to have fairness for everyone and thinks that people should get justice when they are mistreated. This is someone that should make money to help others and not just to have wealth. They are giving and spiritual.

  • Number 11

This is a Master number and someone that is strongly intuitive. This is someone that is sensitive and that is able to connect with the spiritual world around them. They are full of energy, and they would make a great counselor. Once you understand the gift that you have, you can help others by being a great partner and helping them to connect with the spiritual world. These are people that are realists, and they are people that need to find out what gifts they have to better their lives.

  • Number 22

The Life Path Number 22 is a Master number, and this is someone that is a builder. This person is very spiritually in tune, and they want to be successful by helping others. They are powerful and they are careful about what they wish for because they believe that their dreams are important. They are mature and they love life, and they will share their ideas with others and build up their dreams. This is someone that needs to be flexible and let life move forward.

  • Number 33

This is a number that is a Master number and is a teacher. They are great at their spiritual life, and they are connected to the spiritual world. They are compassionate and caring and they make great humanitarians. They are ambitious and they have energies that rise when they are kind to others. They love hobbies such as cooking and relaxing.