Doing Magic When You Are Sick

Some people will say that if you are sick or you are on certain medications that you are not able to do magic. If you are someone that has a chronic illness or you suffer from mental health problems, you might wonder if this will prevent you from doing your crafting. This can cause witches to feel depressed and frustrated because it is limiting them from doing what they want to do. People that are medically inclined already are limited and this will not limit their magic.

People can think that practicing magic is one certain way but that is not true. You cannot take magic and just generalize it to be something it isn’t. There are different kinds of magic that people can do, and this can be different depending on who you are. If you have been diagnosed with some kind of medical situation, it should never stop you from doing your magic.  Magic can happen for those that are not in the best health.

Why Sickness Causes Concern

Before you can ever tell someone not to practice magic while on medication, you need to understand where this idea even came from. Chances are that people made these kinds of ideas and arguments because they wanted witches to be safe, even if this only caused them harm. Usually, people that say these things have no idea on what mental or physical illness really is and they think that this can cause an issue with magic. You need to remember that before you make this decision to stop someone from doing magic, you need to find out more about the person and what they are going through.

Why do people think that you cannot do magic if you have a mental or physical problem? This happens because people often think that someone that is schizophrenic or someone with another mental issue cannot look between their own mental illness and hearing the spirit world. There are no real studies on this and if you tell someone not to do magic because of this then you are even talking to someone that might be depressed or someone that is highly stressed. Sometimes people that are on many medications are fine doing magic.

When you discuss this and how magic works, you need to know that if you are impaired on some kind of medication then you probably don’t want to be doing magic at that time. You need to have your energy in good condition so that you can practice magic. There are some problems with this, but this should all be based on each individual and not as a whole.

You need to look at other people such as someone with mental illnesses such as ADHD or ADD and they need to have extra stimulation in their life. These people can make great witches and they can even learn more and faster than others because they adapt their abilities, and they use what they have to take their hyper activeness and learn more along the way.

There are different covens and occult practices that believe that you should not be on medication, and this is based on how they do their rituals and what is involved in it. Some will use spells and rituals together and they make no room for someone with a physical or mental disorder to be part of that. In other situations, someone might be able to change their motive to do magic while others might not be able to do this.

Many of the thoughts and ideas on what you can and cannot do are based on different covens and this is something that is often passed down. As things have changed with magic though, the groups have learned to look at the individual basis and see what that person needs to do to be a witch.

This change has come out of people looking at things differently and working on their own as witches. They may not be able to do these things in a group setting but they might be able to do magic on their own and see it work.

Yes, You Can!

You need to look at your own life and you can even look at things people have said, and you can decide what you want to do. If you have low energy and you want to practice magic, find ones that work with you and with your health issues.

You might have to adjust what kind and how you do your magic but remember that your energy can come from outside sources, and you might have to find easier magic to do or ways to boost your own energy. Low energy can limit your life, but you can work around this depending on what kind of magic you do. You may have to do magic that is protective or defensive magic or ones that can help you to boost your energies each day.

There are many people that struggle with things such as low energy and they will use tools to help them such as crystals that boost energy and candles that help energy to be stronger. They learn to hide away some energy and this can help them to generate more energy along the way. If they need to have an energy boost, they can get the crystal that will give them the most energy and keep it close to them for even up to a day or two.

It is ridiculous to think that someone that has a limitation cannot do magic. There are so many ways that you can do magic and it can really help your life and so saying that someone struggling cannot do this is wrong. Magic can help someone that is sick to be able to deal with their illness. There are some magics that can be used to heal the body and the mind.

Even meditation can help people that have mental illness. This can help them to have a calm mind. Some medication such as Adderall changes the mind and when you do meditation, this also changes the mind. When you are taking certain medication, it depends on who you are and how you feel. If you have to take medication that changes your mind, you need to look at each situation in your life before you make a decision to do magic or not.

Some people believe that if you are on psychotic medications that you are not able to reach the spiritual or magical world and it will affect your life in a way that you cannot practice your own magic. Some medication can take away your emotions and it can be hard for you to reach certain parts of your mind and body that you need to do some kinds of magic where other medication can cause you to be in a fog. The drugs might do something different for you than they do for someone else. People on psychotic medication are often able to do magic in different ways.

This is one reason why you need to look at your own self and see what you can do because each situation can be different. What fixes one person might not another person and that is how life is.

It is not an easy thing to say if you should or shouldn’t do magic if you are on psychotic medication and you need to just find out what you can and cannot do. Then you can accept rather you can do magic or not. Some people believe that you can use mind altering drugs that are not prescription drugs such as marijuana and still do magic and so even though it inhibits them form thinking rationally sometimes, they often argue that this is okay. On the other hand, some believe that a person should not be on any thing and should be sober 100 percent of the time to do magic. Some people that do magic are only able to do it if they are on some kind of mind-altering substance.

Psychotic drugs are not used just to be used and there are many different side effects that come with prescription medications, and this means that you need to make sure that you are living your best life and that you are using the drugs to help you in all ways possible. If you find that your side effects stop you from doing magic, you need to stay on them so that you can live a better life, even if it stops you from using magic. You need to make sure that you are able to work effectively with your magic if you do it, but nothing is better than staying alive so if you have the choice of just being sober or staying alive by taking your medication, take your medication. There might be some reasons you cannot do magic and that is okay.

If you are taking medicine that makes you able to live your life in a better way and this medicine helps you to be happy and pain free, by all means, you should take this medication. If it stops you from being able to do magic, there is nothing you can do about it and if it allows you to function normally, then do your magic.

If taking medicine makes it harder for you to do your spells or if it is hard for you to reach certain parts of yourself, you might be able to work with other kinds of magic, even when your senses are impaired in some way. If the medications are helping you live your life and it is stopping you from doing your magic, do not stop taking the medicine and wait until you are able to do the magic.

Notice How You Are Feeling

People that live a day-to-day basis and they are on medication might wonder if practicing magic is something for them. If you are living a good life and you feel good, by all means, practice your magic. There might be things in your practice that you have to change or add to but that is up to you. No one should ever tell you that you cannot do magic and it should be based on what you feel.

Some sicknesses might keep you from doing magic and that is okay. Talk to your medical team and find out if there are other drugs that you can take instead, but if not, just settle with your medication and see if you end up getting better. It can be easy to make a mistake in your magic and if you are dealing with hard medication and you need to take it with your mental health situation, keep taking it. You can always talk to your medical doctor or a mental health professional about different treatment options.

It is important to make sure that you are healthy in your mind, body, and spirit and that you are always safe and secure when you do your magic. There are things that you might have to change in your practice to help you if you are on medication. Find the practices that help you to fit into your own reality and find out what kind of magic that you can do while you deal with your mental or physical illness. Find out your conditions and how this affects you and then practice the magic with yourself to see how you feel afterwards.

How Do You Feel?

Some drugs can make you feel dizzy or to have brain fog and this can make doing magic harder. There are some conditions such as memory loss and other physical problems that can also cause you to have a harder time doing magic. But, if you are comfortable with how you feel, try to do your magic. Look each time before you start as to how you feel at the time. Make sure that you are able to do your magic without forgetting steps or without forgetting ingredients. If you can do this, keep doing it.

There might be other times where you have to change your mental state to make your magic work. IF you are in a brain fog that day, this might be hard to do even simple things. You might need to try to do something such as a ritual on how to love yourself more and a ritual to get rid of frustration. This can help you when you are in brain fog. Do magic that makes you feel good.

Take a moment and write down all of the medications that you are on and all of the mental and physical symptoms that you have. This can be brain fog, memory loss, dizziness, depression, stress or more. Write down how severe your symptoms are.

Once you start your magic, see if you are able to do it even if you have these things happening to you at this time. If you feel that you want to practice magic regardless, find the times that you are feeling the best and do your magic then. Consider what you are feeling and consider your strengths and weaknesses. Look at the symptoms and see what you can do to practice your magic and to be successful while feeling good.


You need to pay attention to your energy level. If you have low energy levels because of your sickness, you might have depression and stress. This can cause you to feel tired or overwhelmed. You need to practice raising your energy level to match your magic practices.

Some people will need to do magic that is not as stressful or magic that does not cause such intense energy levels. People might need to practice with the lowest of low energy so that they can learn what they can and cannot do.

It is possible to practice magic even when your energy is low, you just have to find out what kind of energy that you will use and do magic that uses as little energy as possible. If you want to make your energy stronger, you can do this but that is a completely different situation. You need to use the energy that you have right now to practice your magic but remember that there are other things that you are going to have to do in your life such as eating, showering, cleaning and other things that you have to do that will take up some of your energy.

So, make sure that you do not use up all of your energy when you are doing magic. You are the one that has to decide if you have the energy to make the magic happen. Keep practicing until you are able to get things working for you and make sure that you are living in a true reality.

You might have some physical symptoms that happen when you do magic, and you need to look at these and write them down. Make sure that you know what is going to happen. Someone that always gets headaches or migraines might need to do magic when they are not having head pain. Someone that has headaches might need to use things such as crystals, peppermint oil or use sigil magic so that they do not cause the migraine to get stronger or to come.

Are You Impaired?

Some kinds of sicknesses cause people to be impaired because of their medication. You need to make sure that you are able to use all of your normal functions before you ever begin doing magic. If you want to do magic, make sure that you are not going to hurt others or hurt your own self. You need to make sure that the magic that you are doing does not cause you to be in situations that you can get hurt.

For example, if you have to carve a candle and you are impaired, this could end up with you getting injured. You need to make sure that you are using different kind of magic such as sigil or doing meditations or incantations instead of candle meditation.

All of this is all up to you, but you need to make sure that first of all, that you are safe. Then you can learn to change your magic to work with your illness. It is important that you are safe and that you are okay when you are doing your magic. If you struggle with sicknesses and you have to push yourself in all things, you might have to limit how and when you do your magic.

Make sure that you are doing magic that is safe and that you change it to fit all of your needs. Do not let the idea of others stop you from doing the magic that you want to do. Even if you have a strong diagnosis, this doesn’t mean that you cannot or will not ever be able to do magic. There are things that you can do that are workable in your magic because that is what magic is based on, what is inside of you.