When You Really Love Someone

Really Love Someone

Just hearing the word love can often bring someone to mind. That person may be who you are with now, hopefully, or someone from the past that will forever remain in your heart. The problem is that attraction and affection can change over time and even feel different for and among people. We all need to make an effort when it comes to sustaining relationships, but as you put in the work, know the signs that you are still in love.

  • Your Thoughts Return to Them

You can know you are in love when your thoughts randomly float back to that person, no matter what you are doing. You may frequently think about your last time together or be planning your next outing. You will likely want to share everything about your day with this person and share about your time together with family and friends because they are on your mind. You may also think about how to help them when they struggle, wanting life to be great for the one you love.

  • Feel Safe

The person you truly love will make you feel safe when you are together. Trust is a necessity when it comes to love, especially if you have experienced heartbreak. When your person makes you feel mentally, emotionally, and physically safe just by their presence, it is love.

  • Life is More Exciting

Love can make life more exciting because of the hormone rush, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Though the excitement may die down over time, there will still be a touch of excitement when spending time with the one you love.

  • You Want to Be Together

If you love someone, you will want to spend time together. You may find yourself longing for their company, even if they just left, or feel like you are never together enough. A key sign to this is that you want to be with them no matter your mood. Even if you are tired, cranky, hungry, or sad, you want them to be by your side.

  • You are Jealous

You may not get jealous because they are spending time with other people but may be jealous of the other person because they are spending time with your love. This is not the kind of jealousy that will drive you to do stupid things, but it may eat at you that you are not the one by your true love’s side. As more trust develops in your relationship, the jealousy side will fade.

  • You Feel Compassion

When in love, you may find yourself wanting to take care of the other person. This is compassion. You will develop stronger compassion over time for the one you love, hoping that they never have to experience pain and helping when they do. You may also desire to know everything about them as you build your lives together.


Loving someone can be intense and amazing, but if you experience the signs above, there is no denying you are in love. Embrace the journey that is your relationship, and enjoy what you are experiencing.


  1. The description of the feelings associated with love is quite comprehensive. It would be interesting if the article discussed how these feelings might differ across different cultures.

  2. The article does a good job of outlining key signs of being in love, though it might be valuable to delve deeper into how these signs evolve over long-term relationships.

  3. A thoughtful article that highlights various dimensions of love. Including anecdotes or real-life examples might add a more personal touch.

  4. The piece captures the essence of love quite well. However, it could benefit from including more practical advice on how to maintain these feelings over time.

    • I agree with you, Daria. Practical tips could make the article more actionable for couples looking to sustain their relationships.

  5. While the article provides some insightful points, it would be interesting to see references to scientific studies supporting the claims, particularly those related to the hormonal changes associated with love.


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