What Libra Says about Love

Libra Says about Love

Libra loves relationships more than most other signs within the zodiac. A Libras world revolves around interpersonal connections. Libra strives for harmony in all their relationships and will do whatever is possible to keep their partner happy. Still, no one can be happy all of the time, which means being in a relationship with a Libra may have a few downfalls. This article will help you know the good and bad when it comes to love with Libra.

The Good

Libras are highly social and will love being in a group of people the majority of the time. This means that they understand how to be social and will handle themselves well in mixed company, whether partying with friends or attending a high-end event. Libras are naturally charming, classy, and sophisticated, so they will impress any crowd that may gather. You will likely feel proud when a Libra is on your arm.

When it comes to time alone with Libra, know that they are natural when it comes to collaborating, mediating, and understanding, so they will use these skills within the relationship. Your Libra partner will use their time and energy to make sure things are harmonious, fair, and balanced, so extreme arguments will be rare. Libras hate to fight, so if a disagreement occurs, they will try everything to restore balance to relationships.

The same effort that Libra puts into socializing and maintaining balance will also be found in the bedroom. They will do their hardest to make sure you are satisfied, but this may take time because Libra’s perfectionistic tendencies will want to make everything perfect, even in bed. They may spend a lot of time questioning you and setting just the right mood and environment, but they just want to get things right. At some point, you may want to tell them to just get to the fun. If you are involved in a relationship with Libra, you can rest assured they only have eyes for you while together.

The Bad

Libra is not perfect, even though they may try to make everything perfect. Libras are givers, not takers, which may sound great but can lead to some issues. Libra will sacrifice their time, money, energy, and own needs to make sure you are happy. This can be fun at first, but over time resentment will build, and Libra will need to break things off or take some time just for themselves. The problem is Libra will not discuss when resentment feelings start to build, and the feelings will eat away at the Libra.

Another issue, also related to Libra’s need to maintain balance and peace, is the fact that Libra can be highly indecisive. Since Libra is so focused on keeping balance, they can get stuck and be maddeningly indecisive. They will not be much help when it comes to planning a trip or special event, so expect to be the decision-maker in both big and small activities.

The point is that Libra, like all the signs, comes with both positives and negatives. Libra will become a great partner, but make sure you have them take time for themselves to avoid building resentment. Libra will make a wonderful mate.


  1. The article provides a balanced view of the strengths and weaknesses of Libras in relationships. It’s insightful how their social nature and desire for harmony can be both a blessing and a curse.

    • Indeed, the ability to mediate and maintain balance is crucial, but it can also lead to neglecting their own needs. It’s a delicate balance.

    • Absolutely. The indecision factor can be quite frustrating, but understanding their motivations can help in dealing with it.

  2. The point about Libras being givers rather than takers is well taken. Over time, this imbalance could indeed lead to significant issues in a relationship.

  3. It’s interesting to note how Libras’ focus on perfection can extend into their intimate relationships. While it shows dedication, it could potentially lead to unnecessary stress.

  4. The article does a good job highlighting that while Libras’ pursuit of harmony is admirable, it can sometimes result in avoidance of necessary conflict resolution.

  5. Overall, the discussion on Libra’s characteristics is comprehensive. Understanding these traits can help in nurturing a balanced and healthy relationship with a Libra.


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