Having Strange Connections

Having Strange Connections

All throughout your life you will make many connections with people from friends to family and coworkers to strangers. Sometimes you will meet people and it will seem so normal but then there will be times when you meet people, and it will be strange and unexplainable.

When you meet these strange connections, you will likely have met a soulmate or even your twin flame.

Karmic Soulmates

A karmic connection is one that has come from your past life. As you die and are reborn again, you will see your soul group throughout these lives. The souls that have come to you and have connected to you will be there and it will help you to learn about who you are.

Karmic soulmates can come in different kinds of relationships, and they don’t have to even be a romantic relationship to be karmic. Sometimes you will have these relationships and they will teach you things about yourself and who you are.

Twin Flame Connection

One kind of karmic soulmate is your twin flame. This is someone that you will only meet once. They share the other half of your soul, and they are destined to find you in some lifetime.

When you have a connection with your twin flame the experience will be hard to explain and you will feel like you’ve known that person for your entire life. Of course, the truth behind this is that you have known them, and they are part of your incarnation from another life. They were there since you were created.

Meeting your twin flame is a special thing but before you ever meet them the universe will start giving you signs such as repetitive numbers, synchronistic events, angel numbers and more.

What Happens When You Have a Strange Connection?

Whatever happens with your soul connection will have to do with what is going on in your life at that time. You might ignore this kind of strange connection and choose to keep a distance from that person. You might choose this because you are with another person, and you don’t want them to get in way.

Or maybe you just went through a hard relationship, and you don’t want to deal with getting your heart broken again. In either case, you might be able to have a friendship with this person and sometimes it can turn into more.

If you are in a strange connection situation and you decide to go out with your karmic soulmate then it might end up being hard, but you will learn a lot about yourself and them along the way. If it is your twin flame, then you will learn more than you imagined.

A twin flame relationship is one of the strangest and most magical connection of all karmic connections. No matter what you decide, be glad that you got to experience this soul journey.

Signs of a Strange Connection

Here are some signs that you have a strange connection with someone:

  • They Make You Feel Different

This person makes you feel different than other people make you feel, and you feel like you can be yourself. It is a good different and you love it.

  • They Make You Feel Like Home

This person makes you feel like you’re home and you can be yourself. You are comfortable around them, and they know you for who you are.

  • They Draw You In

For some reason, you are drawn in to this person and you don’t know why but their energy is magical.

  • Your Intuition Pushes You

Your intuition might push you towards this connection and you aren’t able to ignore that it’s there. For some reason you just feel like it’s meant to be.

  • The Connection is Strong

This connection might be stronger than other connections that you have with people even though you’ve just met them. Maybe they are the one for you.

  • They Know You

Even though other people know you, for some reason this person really knows you and understands you. You can even reach each other’s mind.

  • They Are There When You Need Them

When you need them, even if you don’t ask them, they are there. They help you with whatever you have going on.

  • They Help You

They help you when times are hard and when you’re down and going through things that are hard to explain.

  • You Are Attracted to Them

You will be physically attracted and drawn into this person. This will be something you’ve never experienced before.

  • Spiritually Connected

You will feel more spiritual when you’re around them and you will feel that you’re connected on a soul level.

  • Higher Energy

When you’re with this person, they make you feel like you have so much energy and you can’t even explain it.

  • Shared Values and Goals

You seem to share the same values and goals and you feel that you are connected and meant to be.

  • You Feel Like You’ve Always Known Them

You will feel that you’ve know this person for your entire life even if you’ve just met them.

  • You Share the Same Jokes

You will share the same jokes and humor with this person, and you don’t even know how they get you so good.

  • You Dream of Them

Even when you’re dreaming, they are in your mind. They are part of your subconscious, and you see them in your dreams and when you’re awake.

  • It Isn’t a Coincidence

The timing of meeting this person isn’t a coincidence and you feel like you have met them at the right time for the right reason.

Their Eyes Draw You In

You feel drawn into their eyes, and you are able to see into their soul and they can see into your soul.

  • They Make You Better

When you’re with this person they make you want to be better. They want you to be the best that you can be, and you can do anything as long as a they are by your side.

  • You Can’t Imagine Life Without Them

You can’t imagine what your life would be like without them by your side.

  • The Connection is Strange

No matter how you look at it, this connection is strange. They draw you in and you feel like you were meant to be together.

What Does This Strange Connection Mean?

When you have a strange connection with someone there is no real answer as to what it means. This can be different depending on the person and the situation. For some people it could be a strong spiritual connection that you have with this person but for others it could be a familiar spirit that has been in your life before.

These strange connections are normally a positive thing and are a special connection between two bonded people. The connection can make you feel supported and loved and it is something that you should cherish and care for because it is a rare thing sometimes.

Strange Connection with Friends

If you have a strange connection with a friend this can be a great thing that is based on trust and understanding of each other. If you have this connection, do what you can to keep this friendship strong.

Spend time with this person and share your feelings and your thoughts and make your bond even stronger.

Strange Connection with Strangers

If you have a strange connection with strangers, then it can be harder to understand where this came from. The connection is still real though, and you might not know what draws you to them, but you should take time to really think about the connection and why it feels so special.

Even if you don’t have an answer, which is fine, and you can have a connection that is strange without knowing the reason why.

Final Thoughts

A strange connection can be an amazing thing and you should love this connection and take care of it. If you have this connection with someone, enjoy their time and spend as much time as you can making the connection stronger.

This connection can have different meanings depending on the person or the place that you’ve met them but no matter what the connection is, it most likely has a spiritual and emotional bond with you.


  1. The explanation of karmic soulmates and twin flames offers a unique perspective on interpersonal relationships. It challenges conventional understandings and encourages looking at relationships from a deeper, more spiritual angle.

    • Sugar, I agree. The spiritual dimension adds a rich layer of meaning to relationships. It would be fascinating to see how these ideas influence modern relationship counseling and therapy.

  2. The concept of strange connections, especially those involving karmic soulmates and twin flames, is quite intriguing. It offers a fascinating perspective on human relationships and their deeper meanings. The experiences described, such as the sense of familiarity and the profound connection, resonate with many spiritual and metaphysical teachings. However, I wish the article provided more scientific or psychological insights to balance the spiritual aspects.

  3. The article delves deeply into the idea of soul connections, which is thought-provoking. The signs of a strange connection are well articulated, and it’s interesting how these connections can influence personal growth and self-awareness. However, I wonder how these theories align with cultural and psychological understandings of relationships.

    • Indeed, the cultural context can significantly shape how we perceive and interpret such connections. Exploring these relationships through a psychological lens might help us understand the underlying mechanisms at play.

    • Rosie, you raise an important point. The intersection of cultural beliefs and psychological frameworks with these metaphysical ideas could provide a more comprehensive understanding. It would be valuable to see more interdisciplinary research on this topic.

  4. The notion of meeting someone who feels like ‘home’ and the concept of twin flames is quite compelling. It’s interesting how these ideas emphasize growth and self-discovery through relationships. While the article is enlightening, it could benefit from more empirical evidence to support these claims.

  5. I appreciate the detailed signs of a strange connection provided in the article. It’s a good guide for those who might be experiencing such connections for the first time. However, I think it’s important to approach these ideas with an open but critical mind, considering both spiritual and rational viewpoints.


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