Opening Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

There are seven main chakras in the body and each of the chakras is an energy center. The chakras affect a person’s mind, body, and soul. The chakra goes from the top of the head to the bottom of the spine. The chakras all have different names and include:

  • Crown chakra.
  • Third Eye chakra.
  • Throat chakra.
  • Heart chakra.
  • Solar Plexus chakra.
  • Sacral chakra.
  • Root chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra is found around the upper part of your stomach. It is represented by the color yellow, and it helps to guide your self-esteem and how you feel about yourself.

If you are someone that has good self-esteem and you are strong and confident then chances are that your chakra is open which allows your energy to pass through. This will give you overall health and wellbeing.

An open Solar Plexus chakra is one that helps you to forgive yourself and others and to work through mistakes that you’ve made. Everyone makes mistakes and instead of hurting yourself over it, the best thing that you can do is to have your energy unblocked so that you can live your best life.

When you don’t have good self-esteem then chances are that your Solar Plexus chakra is blocked. This means that the energy can’t come through your body. You may feel like you can’t figure out what your life purpose is or that you feel helpless and when this happens the chakra is often blocked. No one wants to feel defeated in their life.

If your chakra is blocked, you will feel bad physically and in your mental state. You might feel cramping in your stomach, and you might also feel sick or bloated. This also can cause you to forget things, or it can lead to an ulcer or heartburn.

Having a closed chakra means that you can’t live your best life. You need to have all of your chakras open if you want to have overall good health. It is important to make sure that none of your chakras are blocked so that the energy can pass through.

Opening Your Solar Plexus Chakra

It is important that your Solar Plexus chakra is open, and energy can flow through it. There are different ways that you can open this chakra and any chakra by doing things such as:

  • Meditating.
  • Eating healthy.
  • Using chakra stones.
  • Yoga.
  • More.

When you want to open your chakras with stones, yellow would be the best choice to use to open up your Solar Plexus chakra. Using stones like Amber are great to make you feel more confident and if you need to make a big decision, this stone is great to help you. Yellow Tourmaline can help you to have your chakras balanced and can get rid of negativity and boost your self-esteem.

If you don’t like chakra stones or if they doesn’t resonate with you then try yoga or meditating. Meditation can be easy to use when you need to get your Solar Plexus unblocked. Here is how to do it!

  • Focus on your upper stomach.
  • Imagine yellow surrounding you and turning clockwise as it covers you.
  • Let this energy be released through your entire body.
  • Use the Child’s pose to open up your chakra.

Using yoga and meditation will help you to open up your chakras and it can help you to get your Solar Plexus chakra balanced.

If you don’t want to do any of these things, then you can eat healthier. Increase your fiber intake and don’t eat as much sugar or fat. Add foods to your diet such as chamomile tea, corn, yellow peppers, bananas and more. These will help get your energy flowing.

Signs of an Opening Solar Plexus Chakra

When your Solar Plexus chakra starts opening, here are some signs of it:

  • Losing your appetite.
  • Unable to sleep.
  • Shaking.
  • Nausea.
  • Feeling light-headed.
  • Change of energy level.

All of this can happen because you need to rest and take it easy during this time. Your energy will change when your chakras are opening, and your body will have different changes. You can feel different symptoms, and these are normal. After they end, you will see that your chakra being open is a good thing for your life.


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