Remembering Your Past Life

Past Life

Do you ever wonder about your own past life? Do you feel that you have been somewhere before, and you have experienced things like déjà vu? Have you ever met someone, and you know for sure that you know them from somewhere, but you aren’t sure where?

All of these things can mean that you have had a past life. This could have taken place years before your life now.

If you ever remember something from your past, you can understand why you live the way that you live now. You might have things that have happened to you in your past that you don’t want to have to go through again and so if you can learn more about your past life, it can benefit you in the now.

If there was a thing of the past life, why is it that you cannot remember anything about it? Chances are that you forget your past life because it helps you to be able to live a happy life now. If you had to remember all of the past things that happened to you in another life you might not be able to face tomorrow.

There are little things that you might remember here and there though, and this can be things that happened in your past life. This can give you information that might help you now.

Find a Past Life Journal

Whenever you have things that happen to you that makes you remember something or when you ever experience déjà vu, write these things down in your journal.

Maybe you went somewhere with a friend and the place that you went to seemed familiar to you or maybe you were studying something from history, and you felt like you had seen it before.

There can be different places that you have been in your past life and so if you feel attracted to them, chances are that you might have already seen them.

Once you have these events in your mind, you need to write them down in your journal so that you can remember them, not matter how odd they seem.

Likes and Dislikes

Another thing that you can do to remember your past life is to write down things that you don’t like and things that you do like. Are there things that you don’t like, and you aren’t sure why?

Do you feel that you are excited about things that other people don’t seem to like that much? Do you have people around you that you don’t like, and you aren’t even sure why?

What places are calling out to you to visit?  The more information that you can get about your past life the more that you can try and reconnect with what you know.


Sometimes your dreams can give you information when it comes to remembering things about your past life. Before going to sleep, ask your guides to show you about your past life.

Find a journal to write your dreams in and when you wake up, write in your book about the dreams that you have had. This can help you to remember things and go back and look at them later. If you have dreams, they could be memories that you are having.


Things in your past life might come to your remembrance and if they do, you need to write them down and look at them. Knowing about your past life can help you to live a better life and to be a better person. Even if you don’t remember everything in your past life, find out what you can and see if it can help you to live a better future.