Real Love is Something Else

What is Love

One of the most asked questions in the world is, “What is Love?” If you are willing to ask 100 people that question, it is likely that you will receive 100 different answers because love is such a hard concept to define. In addition, there are so many types of love. We love our families. We love our friends. We even love our pets, but what if we want to know the meaning of real love?

Real love is unconditional love. Unconditional love is the type of love we all desire or at least hope for at some point in life. When you are able to find real love, there is no disappointment, anger, irritation, or even impatience. Put another way, real love is caring about the happiness of the other person without desiring anything in return.

Conditional Love

To fully understand unconditional, real love, you must understand conditional love. Conditional love is an imitation of love that is bound for disappointment, anger, impatience, and eventually hatred. When you have conditional love, it may feel like a typical love and relationship, but when you find unconditional love, you understand why previous forms of love felt like something was missing. Only unconditional love can heal your pain and make you feel whole.

Real Love and Happiness

Real love comes with real happiness because real love involves the other person or people caring about our happiness unconditionally. When you have real love, you are with people that are not disappointed or angry when you make a silly mistake or somehow inconvenience them for any reason. This does not mean that you will always behave perfectly with one another, but that resentments and anger are not allowed to build and decay under the surface. When you have real love, it is not about superficial pleasures that derive from sex, money, or even power. Real love is not even conditional on behaving in a way that the other partner desires or happiness earned from making people do as you desire.

Instead, real love is lasting and profound because it carries a sense of fulfillment and peace that satisfies the soul, seemingly enlarging it. This feeling remains even when circumstances are far from ideal and can survive and grow when struggles or hardship is calling.

Your goal, everyone’s goal, should be to obtain real love, if for no other reason than to share it with others. Real love shared, even with those closest to you, can be life changing. If the love is then shared within their groups, real love can be world-changing. Imagine people sharing real love with one another, forgiving differences, accepting mistakes, and living life to the fullest each moment. What do we have to lose by searching and hopefully creating unconditional love? Nothing but pain, discontent, and multiple other negatives. We are a single, real happiness and real love filled relationship away from this type of joy.