Solemness for Developing Psychic Ability


Being solemn is defined as being formal, dignified, and sincere. Solemness is about being serious about what you are focused on at the moment. One way to enhance your psychic ability is to practice solemness in ways that help you focus on all that is happening around you. I am here to explain some simple ways to help you connect to nature and become more self-aware so your psychic hearing can develop in a stronger manner.

Clairaudience is the psychic ability to hear things that others ignore or cannot hear. Some of the signs that you possess clairaudience are that you hear things others cannot from the astral realm. This can be words from your spirit guide, animal noises, music, or other tones like bells. You may also be more likely to speak to yourself or hear a “wise voice” that comes from within you but from a different place. The sounds you hear will not be scary or critical but helpful as guides. Children with clairaudience tend to have imaginary friends that serve as guides.

Those with clairaudience usually crave peace and quiet, much like an introvert, but more because they have a sensitive soul that needs time to relax and recuperate. Many clairaudients are musically sensitive or gifted and can easily play by ear or truly relate to music. However, some may regularly hear ringing or unusual noises that others do not sense.

Clairaudience may also be experienced as part of telepathy with humans, plants, and animals. This may be demonstrated by things like sensing where your dog will sit, and it actually does. You may also sense what someone close to you is thinking with regularity, almost as if you can hear their thoughts. These are forms of clairaudience.

Using Solemness

Solemness and quiet can be used to strengthen clairaudience. To build up this ability, you must learn to tune in to what most others ignore. The easiest way to do this is by getting out in nature. Find a quiet spot, preferably after the stars have come out, and lay on the grass. Take the time to feel the grass and ground beneath you. Find a comfortable spot and close your eyes. Tune into the sounds that are all around you. Can you hear the winds moving leaves? Can you hear crickets? Can you hear animals making noise or moving around? Try to focus on each individual sound, honing in on the source. Try to hear the softest sounds, like a moth flapping its wings or a twig snapping. As you do this, allow your mind to clear and try to focus on other soft sounds.

This is the way you can build clairaudience over time, by focusing on the smallest and softest sounds. Over time, you will be able to do this even in noisy environments. You are training yourself to tune in to the sounds most others ignore. As you connect further, your skills will improve.