Read Your Own Mind: Tarot Spread

6-card tarot spread

There are many different types of tarot spreads. Some spreads are only 3 cards while others are up to ten cards. The tarot card spread described here is a 6-card spread which is considered middle of the road for tarot readers. A 6-card spread is full of harmonic energy creating balance. It is also a great spread when the reader desires deeper insight, but not to go so deep that it covers past lives or intensely involved future projection. The focus of a self-reading is what will be described here.

To begin with, choose 6 cards placing two in the top row, two in the bottom and the final two to the right of the 4 cards in two rows. Each of these cards will reveal something about your life.

  • Card 1:

The first card is how you see yourself. There are times in which we try to convince ourselves we believe something, but the truth is very different. The first card will reveal how we see ourselves in life, regardless of what we try to portray to the world.

  • Card 2:

The second card is related to the first in that it is how others see us. We may think we portray one image or vibe to the world, but the world is sensing something else. This card will reveal the truth.

  • Card 3:

The third card reveals what does not represent you in life. Perhaps you feel anxious, but this is not shown to the world so it does not really represent who you are. The tarot reading will reveal your truth.

  • Card 4:

Since the 6-card spread is more focused on what is projected in your current life, the fourth card is representative of what is important to you right now.

  • Card 5:

Though card four shows what is important, card five is going to show what is not holding importance in your life in this moment. You may be trying to hold onto something that really is not important. If that is revealed, then let that thing go.

  • Card 6:

The final card is very revealing in that it shows the things you do not need in life, even though they are currently present. This card may be your signal to release something that is holding you back if you choose to listen.

A Read Your Own Mind tarot spread is unique and can be enlightening. Do not fear trying to use this spread just as you would many others. Keep in mind that you need to be calm, centered, and focused on the reading. If necessary, take time to meditate before doing your own reading. Most of all have fun. This is a simple spread that can be used a couple of times a month or as you go through transitions in life.