4 Simple Tips on How to Take Care of Yourself



At times taking proper care of yourself is not easy due to the fact that you’re occupied. However, if you don’t take care of yourself a time will come that you will be fatigued and unable to think about anything or anybody.

There are minor self-care exercises you can engage in when you have little time.

You can select at least one from every classification and incorporate them in your life this week.

  1. Trust yourself. There is a lot of potential in you which you are unable to see. Realizing this will, therefore, impact a lot in your life on grounds that you’ll be more successful and your potential will be the reason why. You will attract individuals with similar interests as you if you have confidence in yourself, however; if you don’t then you’ll find yourself misusing your potentials.
  1. download (14)Maintain balance in your life. There should be equity in the way you take care of yourself. You can’t discriminate on other parts of the body while taking care of the rest. The same amount of time you give maybe to your physical health is the same amount you should give to your mental health. We all are able to balance.
  1. Have some alone time at least once a week. During this alone time, you’ll be able to do what you want to do without any interruption. At least 1-2 hour is enough. Do what interests you on your daily basis like watching a movie without being robbed of your time. If you find it hard being alone you can involve a friend in your activities as long as it’s what you enjoy doing.
  1. download (13)Have time for yourself every day. It might be hard to find time for yourself but at least 15 minutes a day can be appreciated. You would have made an improvement towards your well-being especially maintaining personal balance. During this time you can engage in activities that make you happy. It can be writing, listening to music, reading or drawing. You should do that frequently and plan well with the 15 minutes you’ve allocated.

There are measures you can take right now if all you are exhausting yourself. These are:

Set your alarm 15 minutes before time.

Set an alarm 15 minutes after taking lunch.

Or you can as well stay up for 15 minutes. Allocate time for your self-gain.  There are times you spend watching TV ask yourself if you can at least allocate 15minutes of that time for your self-care time.