Are You an Earth Angel?

Earth Angel

Earth angels are people that are very caring and creative. Many of them are artists or musicians. Some Earth angels know how to manifest things for themselves and for others and some can even control he weather. The purpose that Earth angels have on this earth is to serve others and so they allow toxic energies to come into their space so others can heal.

Being an Earth angel is something that is an amazing trait. If you are an Earth angel, then some will consider you to be lucky. Here are some signs that you might be an Earth angel:

  • You are loving and compassionate.
  • Your aura fills the room and makes people feel good.
  • You accept people for who they are.
  • You are not judgmental.
  • You are there to rescue people from the world.
  • You want to help those that are needy.
  • You don’t like conflicts.
  • You will let people be angry at you and not fight with them.
  • You want people to be happy.
  • You want to feel loved.
  • You worry that you might bother people.
  • You try to stay connected to friends and family.
  • You don’t ask for help.
  • You are afraid of using others.
  • You have insecure relationships.
  • You chase after people that feel bothered by you.
  • You always feel like you bother people.
  • You never compete.
  • You leave behind things so that others can win.
  • You want everyone you meet to be successful.
  • You know that you have powers and you let the world see you how they want to.
  • You know that silence can be the best answer.
  • You choose peace over anger.
  • You want the world to be a better place.
  • You want to see the injustices of the world go away.
  • You fight for the rights that people try to take away.
  • You are a lover though and not a fighter.
  • It is hard for you to have conversations with people that are controversial.
  • You want to have relationships that are meaningful.
  • You give and give and give.

If you are an Earth angel, then you are one of the blessed people on the Earth. You are considered a light to everyone who meets you and some might even call you a lightworker. The good that you have inside of you helps to make the world a better place, even when you don’t feel like you are doing anything.

Keep pushing and being the best that you can be. Stay connected with the universe and continue to show love and light to everyone you meet!