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Are Your Romantic Expectations too High?

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We generally have the expectation that our romantic partner will be supportive when we need them.  From time to time our subconscious will take inventory of our partner’s successes and failings to see if they measure up tour expectations.

If you find your relationship lacking, here are eight reasons you may be  setting standards too high.

You are too self-centered

While we think we will be happier if others behave the way we want them too, there is no rule nor should their be any expectation on our part they should.  Scholar George Valliant  has studied human happiness states,”A cardinal rule for happiness is not to think less of ourselves, but to think of ourselves less.” What this means is that you will feel happier if you think about your significant other before you think about yourself.  Your relationship will be more satisfying if you focus on your overall happiness rather than expecting your partner to live up to your unspoken demands.

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There’s No Commitment

If there is no understood commitment between two people, it is ridiculous to expect partners to make the kind of  compromises that are key parts of relationships. You are definitely setting your expectations too high if you want you want your partner to act as if you are committed when you are not.

You’ve Cheated (or Considered Cheating)

If you have been unfaithful or considered being unfaithful, you have no room to claim your partner is making you unhappy.   People who have cheated on their partners often say  they strayed because their love didn’t measure up in some way. It is absurd to expect one person to be the sole source of their happiness. It is setting the bar far too high to demand that one person fulfill all of your needs.

 You Rely on Them for Your Excitement and Romance

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You expect them to do all of the work.   If you want a romantic and exciting relationship, you need to work together.  You need  to take on some of the responsibility.  Provide some of the adventure you crave and you will find that both of you are thrilled.

You want mind-blowing sex, but don’t work at it.

In a committed relationship, sex can become routine.  This doesn’t have to happen if both partners are will to work together to keep things interesting.   Communicate your needs to your partner so that they know what you like and what you need.

You aren’t will to make sacrifices.

If you don’t want make sacrifices or compromises you can’t very well expect your partner to do so. If you want something but aren’t willing to meet them halfway you are definitely setting the bar too high.

You Let Technology Get in the Way

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Too often we are distracted by our phones, computers or televisions. This can keep us from engaging with the person who is right in the same room with us.  Communicating solely through technology can also cause a strain on a relationship. If you have problem, wait until you can actually speak to the person rather than relying on texts or emails to push forward your point.  You Expect too Much Out of Life

Your overall expectations are too high if you push yourself to the point of exhaustion trying to reach an impossible goal.  While it is important to have goals, if we expect money, looks or a perfect home to make us fulfilled and happy, we ultimately will be disappointed. This disappointment can lead us to find our relationships to be lacking.

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