Finding Love

romantic intuition

Is it possible to fall in love with someone before we even meet them?  Possibly, especially when you consider the circumstance of having an instant dislike for someone.  Love is indeed based on our latent intuition.   How does this intuition work?

What is romantic intuition?

It’s not a big mystery. We have been building on our past experiences and former relationships all our lives. This is layered with our personal backgrounds, both social and familial.   These layers are the frame of mind with which we meet potential partners.

We feel drawn to them when we meet someone who clicks with our background requirements. However, if we also find this person physically attractive, we can think of this as love at first sight.

This immediate reaction does not necessarily mean that the attraction will grow into a deep and lasting love.  True love involves growing with your partner as both of you bloom and grow.  As you get to know one another, you will grow closer. The initial attraction helps you fit together from the beginning.

Can you have love without the initial intuition? Probably not.  While few people are lucky enough to know someone before they fall in love, it is even rarer to fall deeply in love without having the initial pull or attraction to them.

Some acknowledge that their pursuit of perfection has left them lost and lonely.  They have turned down potential lovers because they don’t fit their image of perfection.  While feeling that you know someone before you fall in love is rare, there is no chance of finding love if you seek the ideal that is only found in romance novels.  This only leads to loneliness and wasted time.

Your time is better spent nurturing your current relationship to meet your ideal. Then, the ideal can be created.

Because no true love is easily found, we should not disqualify what we see in the everyday.  Real love does not occur out of pure feelings.   It takes time and examination.  This does not mean overthinking things.  Pay attention to your heart as well as your head.

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