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Why beauty on the outside is not enough


Many people strive to be kind. They strive to be caring and compassionate. Others do not put kindness and compassion first. These people may have bad habits that make them annoying or irritating  to the point that no one wants to be near them.  You may have these traits and not know.

Here are a few that you might want to be aware of:               

1) You appear self-centered

This is a hard one to be aware of. If you focus on yourself, and find yourself the most fascinating topic to the point where you aren’t listening to anyone else, stop. No one wants to be around some who only cares about themselves.

2) You are only concerned with outer beauty


Most of us know that to be truly beautiful, your attraction has to come from your heart and soul as well as your body.   Physical appearance isn’t the only thing that matters.  Look deep inside and see who you truly are. It’s not to late to become truly beautiful.

3) Everything is a contest

You seem to be in constant competition with everyone.  Do you have to be the one on top, to the point whenever anyone celebrates a victory, you have to top that? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to celebrate someone else for a change.

4) You see your friends as competition

If you find yourself in constant battle with your friends to the point where you seem to be stabbing people in the back rather turning the other cheek, it is time to reevaluate your friendships.

5) Your importance is in question.

It is extremely unattractive to constantly question that if you are important or valued in your peer group.  If you consistently want to know why you aren’t the center of attention, get over it. Face the fact that you are not the center of the universe.


6) Bossy

Everyone in a group of friends should be considered equal.  It is very off-putting for one to always to decide and control. If that is you, it’s not very attractive.

7) Dishonesty is your policy

It should go with out saying but you should always be honest with your friends.  Lying and cheating is not honest behavior.  And it is true that honesty is the best policy

8) Rudeness

Impoliteness and embarrassing behavior, particularly in public can definitely drive your friends away from you. This is not to say that you can’t have disagreements or mild conflict, but constant rudeness is in excusable.

9) Unreliability

If a friend calls on you, do you help? If you can’t ever be counted on to follow through or help, you are not being a good friend, especially if you expect others to help you out whenever you need it.

10) Negativity

It’s hard to be positive every minute of every day, but if you are consistently putting others down or looking askance at activities, you could be pushing others away.

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Empaths are real-life superheroes that help heal humanity. This is how we do so. Vision …