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Best Way To Communicate With Your Higher Self

 Is there a time that you feel blocked from your own intuition and higher wisdom? Is there a time where you have trouble making decisions or understanding your life’s path? Journaling is a wonderful tool to help you communicate with your higher self and receive guidance throughout life’s journey.


A journal is more than just a diary. While it can help you document your daily thoughts, feelings and activities it can be so much more. This is where you can get in touch and reconnect with the “real you” which is your higher self. No topic or feeling is off limits in your journal.

It is meant to be private for your eyes and use only. Journals physically come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from a simple notebook to an elaborately decorated bound volume. Journaling software and programs are even available for your computer. Even Microsoft Word can serve as a journal. No matter which you choose, make sure it’s personal and private.

Journaling is a wonderful tool to help you communicate with your higher self and receive guidance throughout life’s journey.


A good way to begin a new journal is to set your intention. Make a commitment to use your journal regularly. Whether it is just for 10 minutes every day or an hour once a week, set aside a time where you can write in your journal undisturbed and without distractions. Once you have decided on the schedule, write it down as your first entry.

For example, “Today on this date, I vow to make a date with my higher self through this journal every day for 10 minutes.” Seeing this in print will help to reinforce the promise in your mind. The next step is to start writing. The next section has some different exercises to help get you going.


Perhaps you have a particular question or problem. Your higher self knows the best answer. You can use your journal to help you find it. Start out by writing down your question or problem. Use a different color ink to represent your higher self’s voice.

If using software, change the color or font to distinguish between you and your higher self. Then mentally ask your higher self for guidance. Now start writing the first thing that pops into your head. Don’t worry if it makes no sense or if it’s grammatically correct. Just keep writing and stop when it feels like you’re done. You might be quite surprised at the message you receive.

A similar exercise is to ask the question of your higher self, “What do I need to know most right now?” Perform the same routine with different color inks or fonts and write whatever comes to mind. Again, a lot of it might not make sense, but there will probably be a word or phrase that just clicks for you.

Another exercise to try is using your non-dominant hand when writing to represent your higher self’s voice. Although it may be difficult and feel awkward, it does provide a shift in the brain and can help you gain a new perspective in connecting with your higher self.

Finally try a letter writing exercise in your journal. Write a hello letter to your higher self telling it what your expectations are and what you would like to learn from it. Discuss your spiritual goals and life path. Express gratitude to your higher self for being there and guiding you. On the opposite side, have your higher self write a letter back to you. Experiment and see what happens!


Continue your journaling ritual faithfully and your intuition and higher self wisdom will shine through. You might also find that insights come to you more quickly and easily. Your journal entries will evolve and change as you do. As time goes by you can even go back and evaluate your growth. Most likely you will be amazed at your progress. Good luck with your journaling!

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