Checking in with the Spirit

Checking in with the Spirit

We all know someone or maybe we are that someone that has been in a bad relationship in the past. Maybe the relationship was just toxic or maybe it was even abusive. You might even know people that are so kind and loving that you cannot ever imagine that they would be with such a terrible partner.

The loving nature of others and their generosity will often make you wonder what kind of bad luck they are having in their relationship. You might find that you feel lucky to know this person, but they seem to fall into terrible relationships at every turn.

Maybe you have known this person forever and you have a strong relationship with them. The relationship that you have with them could be something you have in common such as kids, loss, grief or almost anything. This might even be the kind of person that you can share everything with from joy to pain.

A friend that has a gentle spirit and is kind and loving is one that you would think would be with a partner that would have similar traits that they have but as they go out and get into toxic relationships, you wonder what they are thinking or why this happened. You wonder how someone so kind would be subject to abuse both verbal and physical.

If this is something that has been going on for a long time, you will be there for that friend, offering to give them love and care that they need. Maybe you question why they stay in that kind of situation, but they don’t really want to talk about it.

Maybe you have someone that told you that they stay with them because they are afraid to leave, afraid others will talk about them, afraid of their finances or afraid of breaking up the family.

This fear is something that could be coming from the ego though and is not something coming from the spirit. The world is meant to be loving and kind, but people often find themselves in situations where there is none of that.

Listening to the Spirit

We should never listen to anything but the spirit. We cannot allow the judgement of others to hold us back. Our intuition is there to guide us and to help us to be our higher self and to be better. Our soul is the truth that we have that will last for a lifetime. Once someone learns to reconnect with their inner being, they can see that they can trust themselves and can learn to listen to their inner voice.

As a shift happens and you see that there is a transformation inside, you will be able to make decisions that are for the higher good. Stop letting the ego and the idea of others to hold you back from doing what is best for your life.

The best thing that anyone can do is to take time to listen to themselves, seek out their higher self and to find peace in their decisions. Find a spiritual practice such as meditation that will allow you to connect with yourself. Explore the things going on in your life and see if that is what is best for you. Change your life for the better.


  1. While the article offers a lot of insight, it would be useful to see some practical examples or steps on how to implement these spiritual practices in daily life.

    • I agree, Snoopy. Concrete examples or actionable steps could help readers better understand how to navigate their spiritual journey and apply it to real-life situations.

  2. The article presents an interesting perspective on the challenges faced by individuals in toxic relationships. It’s intriguing to think about how one’s generous nature might lead them to endure such situations.

  3. The notion of listening to the spirit and striving for higher self-awareness is a thought-provoking approach. It offers a different way to look at personal growth and making life decisions.

  4. The article touches on a common but complex issue. It makes one reflect on the reasons behind staying in unhealthy relationships and the potential role of fear and ego in such decisions.

  5. I appreciate the emphasis on spiritual and inner voice guidance. The idea that self-awareness and intuition can potentially transform one’s life resonates deeply.

    • Indeed, it’s compelling to consider how reconnecting with one’s inner self can provide clarity and strength in difficult relationships. Meditation as a practice to achieve this seems quite practical.


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