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Choosing The Good Thoughts and The Law of Attraction

As a psychic consultant, I address a wide range of various individuals. It’s an intriguing job. Individuals are unpredictable but then share such a variety of likenesses. Something that interests and rouses me is seeing the Law of Attraction at work in my guests’ lives. The same number of you know, this is the guideline of showing your objectives and yearnings through positive thinking. Working with the rule that “Thoughts get to be things,” it gets to be clear that we ought to pick the great musings. In any case, by what method would we be able to really place this into practice?

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Worriers From an Early Age

We have learned to be adept worriers from an early age. We see our parents and the adults around us worrying and learn from them to do it ourselves. It’s actually a method we use as humans to feel “safe” and be prepared for any eventuality. Ironically, it has the opposite effect, leaving us feeling stressed, exhausted and trapped in a never-ending cycle of negative thinking. In my experience, many people could list endless ways a situation could go wrong, but rarely can they visualize the numerous ways in which it could go right.

Pretend It’s Yours

To simplify the manifestation process, I recommend visualizing your desired end result clearly. Perhaps it is a secret wish that you have not shared, or something you have presumed to be just beyond your grasp. Feel the happiness, the gratitude, the sheer exhilaration, as if your desire has already manifested and it is yours. Hold on to that feeling and see the mental image in detail. In my experience, the universe delivers time after time—sometimes in the most surprising ways!

Turn Your Thoughts Around

positivity 2Being mindful of your thoughts is a wonderful way to bring a sense of balance to your life. Sometimes people are unaware of just how negative their thoughts are and they reinforce the negativity with language. Think about how often people thoughtlessly exclaim, “Typical!” or “Just my luck!” when something negative happens in their lives. But if you can turn your thoughts around, you can make it so the great things are typical for you. Don’t expect the worst. Don’t hedge your bets. Don’t worry about tempting fate. Allow yourself to believe that you can have and achieve everything you’ve hoped for.

Reinforce With Gratitude

Focusing on gratitude can help us avoid attaching a neediness or desperation to those things we want. That neediness reinforces a feeling of lack and as I have discovered, energy begets energy. Count your blessings and soon you will count more. This has to be a conscious decision for many of us as our negative thought patterns and words can be a matter of habit, ingrained over the years. In spare moments, many of us replay negative past experiences and project those feelings onto present and future scenarios. But you can break the pattern and change the habit. Practice makes perfect after all. Spend a few minutes every day allowing yourself to fully believe that you deserve to be happy and see very clearly in your mind’s eye the outcomes you most desire.

Make positive changes by choosing happiness and gratitude this year. Expect the best, be ready to receive it and then see what unfolds. It has been scientifically proven that optimism and mindfulness are actually good for your health and absolutely fantastic for stress management. 2016 could be an abundant year!

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