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Cleansing Rituals: Attract Happiness with Magick

We all reach a point in our lives when we look around and feel dissatisfied with our current lot in life. You may feel past your prime as if your best days are behind you. Don’t fall into this negative mental trap!

It is never too late to get a fresh start and live your best life. Who you are now may not be who you want to be, but you still have time. Take a moment to rejuvenate and refresh yourself. Practice a few of these healing rituals and attract happiness in your life.

Spiritual Baths

Spiritual baths are great for recharging your energy. They work best when you take the phases of the moon into consideration. A full moon is best for this sort of energizing ritual.

Cleansing Moonwash

Start with 1 quart of witch hazel. Add 1/2 oz. jasmine flowers, 1/2 oz. eucalyptus bark, and 1/2 oz. mugwort and let this mixture steep while you prepare yourself. It is common to take a normal shower before you start, so that your body is clean. You may choose to fast for a few hours, pray or meditate. Do whatever you need to bring yourself to a place of calmness. Cleanse yourself with the Moonwash. Start at your feet and work your way up your body. Focus on clearing your mind.

Cleansing Sunwash

The procedure is basically the same as with the Moonwash. Start with 1 quart of witch hazel. Add 1/2 oz. chamomile flowers, 1/2 oz. cinnamon bark, and 1/2 oz. oak leaves. Let the mixture steep while you shower and otherwise prepare yourself for your ritual. Focus on clearing your mind while you apply the wash from your feet up your body.

Happiness Spells

Attract Positive Energy into Your Home

You’ll need a container of warm water and some lemons for this ritual. You’ll also need the following mantra:

With this wash, I banish negativity from my home.

With this wash, I banish all unwanted energy from my home.

With this wash, I invite the sparkling yellow energy of the sun into my home.

With this wash, I invite love, hope, and positive power into my home.

Squeeze the juice from 2 lemons into the warm water. Use this water to wash the outside of every door that leads into your house. Once you’ve washed the outside of all the doors, go back and wash the inside. For best effect, start with your front door. If the lemon water gets dirty, toss it and make a fresh batch to continue.

Once all the doors are cleaned, you can pour what’s left of the lemon water on your front step. Use a clean broom to sweep the water away and out. Focus on your mantra. Repeat it to yourself or out loud while you cleanse away the negativity.

Welcome the sparkling energy of the Sun into your home.

A Simple Spell for Self-Love

When you are asking the universe for something you want, you must speak as if you already have it. This time, meditate in a comfortable position and place. You could relax in a bubble bath or lay outside under the sky. Any place that makes you feel calm is appropriate. Here is a mantra for self-love:

I love and accept myself as I am.

I am worthy of my love and acceptance.

Others love and accept me.

I am worthy of their love and acceptance.

There is someone special and wonderful who loves and accepts me.

I am worthy of their love and acceptance.

I embrace this love.

I accept it into my life.

I give love to others in return.

Repeat your mantra several times and feel the light of love filling your spirit. Feel free to repeat this ritual periodically to enhance your sense of self-love.

Attract Happiness

Happiness is a feeling you have experienced. It’s exhilirating! That’s why we seek it in it’s absence. The memory of that high leaves us feeling a strong desire to find happiness again. The good news is, you can bring it to you like channeling spirits from the other side.

  1. First, find a comfortable seated position.
  2. Now, breathe in a fragrance that makes you happy. It could be imagined, or you could bring something along to help you. Maybe you remember the smell of funnel cake at a recent carnival, or maybe your favorite part of the day is that first fresh cup of coffee.
  3. Next, focus on a favorite pet or a person. Babies are a great choice here. You can see how babies and pets are happy at even the littlest thing. This happiness should be your focus.
  4. Finally, remember one of your happiest moments. Relive that happiness right now, and feel it overflow within you.

Revisit this ritual as often as you need, and soon you will be able to call upon it whenever you need an extra dose of levity in your life.

Start with choosing happiness and you may be surprised at how the rest of your life is revamped to better reflect you.

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