Never Invest Time in the Unworthy

Invest Time in the Unworthy

Life is full of uncertainties, but the one thing we can all be certain of is that we have a limited amount of time in this life. Whether you believe in Heaven, Hell, reincarnation, or something else, we all only have a given amount of time. The worst part is we never know how long that time limit is, but we can decide what we do with the moments we have. This means that we choose what to invest our time in is up to us for the most part. This does not mean we can skip work and ignore family or other obligations and expect life to move forward in a positive way, but it does mean we can choose which activities. to pour free time into in our lives.

Choosing Where to Invest Time

Since we have options when it comes to investing our free time, make sure to choose things that will bring positivity into your life. This may mean having to cut out the time you invest with ungrateful people or organizations, but it will be worth it. Ungrateful people are those that you have invested time, effort, and possibly money into, but they have been unwilling to seek real change. Those who seek your help but continue to do things that are harming themselves are no longer being helped but being enabled. When we continually invest in the ungrateful among us, we are creating a bigger problem. This is not to say that everyone must pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, but that some change on the person’s part should be evident.

Knowing when someone is no longer worth investing in is tough because it is probably someone you love. Still, for your own well-being, it is often necessary. Keep in mind that being grateful is about much more than someone saying thank you. It is about working toward bettering oneself. When someone is simply accepting help without making changes, even small ones, then they are ungrateful. You must learn to walk away from those who are ungrateful for your own safety and sanity.

Other Issues

Another side effect of continually investing in those who are ungrateful is a change in your energy levels. Those who are constantly taking your time and energy are leaving their negative energy behind. This can cause you to become misaligned within your chakras and to feel unbalanced mentally. You must decide whether you continually want to give of yourself to a single person or help others that can grow and eventually help others themselves. There are few things you can truly control in life, but whom you invest time in is one you truly control.

Another potential issue is not one that is seen if you continually invest in the ungrateful. If you waste your time on the ungrateful, others you could have potentially helped, and all those they could potentially help are left without your time. If you want to put the best into the world as possible, move on to someone else. Later on, the ungrateful person may change their ways and receive help, but until that time, you have to make the choice for yourself.

It is your time to invest; what are you going to do with it?