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Clearing Common Psychic Energy Blockages

Clearing Common Psychic Energy Blockages

Psychic energy encompasses the energy flowing around us that follows our conscious intentions and thoughts. It includes the energy we use to tap into our higher consciousness and psychic abilities, along with the energy involved in our intuition.

Psychic energy can strengthen and weaken. Three common causes of weak psychic energy are dehydration, tension, and the presence of negative energy. Let’s explore these causes, as well as some steps you can take to alleviate them.

  1. Dehydration

Dehydration is a common cause of psychic energy blockages not only when you focus on your own supernatural abilities, but also when dealing with the energy of others. Many people get weak and tired when working with psychic energies. This directly correlates to dehydration. Allowing your fluids to totally drain depletes and weakens your psychic energy. This can be avoided or alleviated by simply drinking enough water to keep you physically hydrated energetically clear.

It can also help to keep water flowing around you. For example, working near a body of water, a waterfall, or a stream can do wonders to top off your psychic energy supply and keep you spiritually and energetically hydrated.

  1. Tension

As with all energy, psychic energy needs clear paths to flow. Too often we experience blockages not only in our physical bodies but also in our energy fields that hinder the flow of energy and prevent it from moving freely. Then, when psychic energy begins moving through you, it gets caught in these blockages, which creates uncomfortable physical tension.

Tension blocks reveal where your psychic energy is stuck, so they’re especially obvious when you work with your own energy. Clearing such blockages can be an involved process, especially if they’ve been in place for a long time. Blocked energy becomes stagnant, which causes pain.

Once such blockages are cleared, you’ll discover that in addition to the tension release, your psychic abilities have grown more powerful and your energy is stronger. Here are several methods to clear blockages to ensure your psychic energy flows freely and continually:

  • Yoga is popular for its ability to release both physical and energetic blockages. Yoga paired with mantras and intentional relaxation techniques is especially powerful for energy clearing.
  • Meditation takes practice to be effective. But meditation is very adaptable. You can work on it anytime, anywhere, and as often as you’d like.
  • Tai chi is an ancient art that looks simple, but it’s extremely effective and powerful. It’s a wonderful skill to master, and its flowing movements bring about great relaxation and health benefits and remove blockages.
  • Reiki is a type of energy healing that’s performed on clients by reiki masters. They use the energy flowing from their hands to discern where you’re blocked, and then help you clear them. If your energy is significantly blocked, it may take several sessions to achieve the desired results.
  • Healing practitioners, such as psychic advisors and energy workers, and holistic therapists, use varied approaches to release psychic energy blocks. If the above methods are not appealing to you, you should be able to find an appropriate healing practitioner to work with you and clear your psychic energy flow.
  1. Negative Energy

Many types of energy are all around us, so it may be difficult to avoid the negative energies that surround and emanate from others. Some people may not even be conscious that they’re draining your energies to the point of exhaustion. But others are energy abusers. They suck the energy out of others, leaving them feeling weak, tired, and drained. This is the most harmful and exhausting form of blocking and draining psychic energy.

People who use psychic abilities to help others are especially susceptible to energy suckers, and recuperating from this type of drainage can take a long time. Ideally, we would surround ourselves with people and energy that feeds us rather than harms us. But this is not always easy, and negativity is sometimes unavoidable. So, it’s up to you to protect and shield yourself from negative energy.

As you learn to be more aware of and tuned into your psychic energy, you’ll discover that you’re more aware of others’ energy, too, and you’ll become able to determine the source of the negative energy.

There are three easy ways to defend yourself against the negative energy surrounding you and to keep your psychic energy positive, clear, and strong.

  • Perform a cleansing ritual. This type of cleansing ritual clears your psychic energy field, allowing you to clear away any undesirable energies stagnated around you. There are many ways to perform cleansing rituals, including dowsing, smudging, and meditation. Further information on these and other cleansing rituals can easily be found by searching online.
  • Keep your psychic energy balanced. Stay centered within yourself, be aware of how your psychic energy feels, and periodically check on it. Like meditation, you can center yourself anytime, anywhere. To center your energy, simply take several deep breaths and repeat an affirmation to yourself, such as, “I center my soul’s energy within myself.” Feel free to use whatever affirmations work for you. But as you repeat the affirmation, imagine your psychic energy gathering in the center of your body and radiating out through your extremities. This simple balancing exercise is an effective method to restore harmony with your energy.
  • Protect yourself with a psychic shield. This is done by simply visualizing a shield of light protecting both your body and your psychic energy field. Your shield allows no negative energies to invade. It can be any color, texture, and size you’d like. Its power lies in your energy, thoughts, and imagination. It’s more durable than any negative force that exists. You can protect yourself with your shield at a certain time every day, or at any time you feel like you need protection from negative spirits or energies.

Once you’re fully aware of the protective effects of these methods, you’ll become more conscious of when you need them and how you can regain your balance. This will keep you physically healthy and safe, as well as allow your psychic energy to strengthen and grow.

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