How Crystals Help You Find Affection


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My client ended her ten years of marriage a year earlier. She has however tried to get into other relationships which in turn bore no fruits. We counseled her and her aides uncovered that she needed to heal from the divorce first before finding affection somewhere else. They also advised the use of gemstones to enable her to find affection. I counseled her with precious stones (crystals) and ordered her to make jewel remedy and use for about 14 days. There was a revelation during our sessions; an inconspicuous power was controlling her profound healing though she had just used her stones temporarily.

Instructions of crystals preparation

Specific stones can be used for physical, psychological, passionate and soul mending.

You can put the stones on and around the body to help in healing. These crystal stones need to be washed and customized before you start the healing process since they accumulate vitality. They can be purchased online but it’s advisable to purchase them in a shop where you freely choose the ones you are comfortable with and can address you.

Put your crystals in salty or seawater to make them clean and have in mind that you need to erase any negative energy.  Ask the gem to be re-empowered with its unique characteristics and forces. Delicate stones can be placed on a bed of ocean salt (not table salt) for a couple of hours. You can as well revive the precious stones by putting them in the sun or under a full moon.

find love 1 featuredCrystal’s customization is simple. Just say something like “I utilize this gem in light and love for astounding great of all” while holding it in your hands. After that ponder of minutes with your stone, contemplating what you want to use it for.  What kind of healing do you need? You must be particular. What kind of affection are you endeavoring to find? You trust the precious stone to fulfill your expectations with its great lattice. Proclaim it loud ‘ I customize this crystal for————— (your aim).”

Crystal Healing for Affection

You will require various distinct stones for heart healing just the same ones I used on her: Amethyst points (2-4), Rose Quartz (7), Dioptase (1), and Watermelon Tourmaline (1). These stones shouldn’t be small and they don’t need to be big either. Dioptase can be costly since it is a unique stone and it functions well if there has been disloyalty or relinquishment since it’s a great healer. If by any chance you can’t access it you can use Rose Quartz instead.

Go to a place you can be alone and lie straight and serenely.  At home, I use a spotless space carpet which I place in my living room and a clean table for customers. In the event that you might need a pillow for your knees or head you can go for it.

From your right elbow and around your head to your left elbow you can lay the precious stones out in half a circle. Begin with one Rose Quartz then an Amethyst point with the point the opposite side of your body. Then Rose Quartz, add Amethyst, then three Rose Quartz one close to every ear at the highest point of the head. Proceed down the left with Amethyst, Rose Quartz. Put the Dioptase on your breastbone. And Watermelon Tourmaline on your heart chakra.

Allow the vitality of the stones to do their work by resting for twenty minutes. Both stones, therefore, perform their distinctive functions and enable your healing.

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During the healing my client was emotional. You experiencing the same depends. But it’s important to note this powerful process. Have a belief that it’s working and just enjoy the feeling. Crystal healing practices are steady once a month.

Steps to making a gem Elixir

They can be made by placing a gemstone in spring water. Refined or tap water won’t be compelling. Waters from unpolluted streams can also be used

Put the rinsed and customized crystal in water and put out in the sun for 12 hours. Remove the crystal and put the water in a bottle. This crystal can be preserved using brandy or vodka both 50%. You shouldn’t drink this gem but can add a few of it to bathing water or spray.

An Easy Ritual for Attracting Affection

Amethyst and Rose can be fused together into a ritual. This is a powerful way of working with crystals. Put them on a spotless table, light two candles and call your aides. Request the ritual to be directed. Grasp the crystals and let their vitality run up your arms. Put them in your heart and proclaim” I welcome and attract affection in my life”. Be ready to receive and give affection to your heart. Put them down and contemplate with them. When done thank the precious stones, release your aides and put off the candles.

Crystals are powerful

When used accurately gemstones usually have an observable impact. Do not try to belittle their intensities.

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