Difference Between Karmic Lessons and Debt

Karmic Lessons and Debt

There is a difference between karmic lessons and karmic debt. Once you understand these things then you can learn to live the best life that you can.

Karmic Lessons

Karmic lessons are the vibrations that are missing in your life. These come from your birth name. The vibrations are the energies that you have never felt not in the present life or in your past life. These lessons will come to your life over and over again until you learn them and you learn to become the master of these energies.

You will see that once you master the energies that you will learn your lesson and you will be able to have a better life in the future. If you are someone that uses numerology, then you probably believe in the past lives.

Karmic lessons are past life lessons that you will learn to do in your life and you will become perfect at making them work. Karmic lessons are not something that you have to do as a sacrifice to avoid things but you are missing vibrations that you need to work on.

When someone is missing a vibration, they will see that in their name. This is the birth name that they were given officially. The choices that the person makes will create karma throughout their life now and in the future.

Karmic Debt

Karmic debt is the amount of karma that you have accumulated in your life. This karmic debt can be found by the karmic debt number. This is a number that is based on the choices that you have made in your past life. These choices were things that you did on your own free will. This is similar to the reap and sow concept.

The debt that you acquire over the period of your life will be the debt that you have to pay back. This payback can come in the form of bad things happening to you in your present life. This might end up with you dealing with abuse or being free of abuse to have real love.

There are some numbers that can represent karmic debt and these numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19. These numbers are karmic debt numbers. The numbers that are there represent your life that you lived in the past. Chances are that if you have these numbers in your karmic debt that you have lived a selfish life.

Final Thoughts

The karmic debt that you have doesn’t mean that you have done something wrong in this life but in a past life. You should never feel guilty of the choices that you make but you can use your karmic debt number to understand why some things happen in your life. There will be some areas that seem like patterns and these patterns will teach you a lesson until you master it.

Karmic debt and karmic lessons will help you to understand why things are happening in your life. You will see that you can go in the right direction, and you can pay back your karmic debt so that you will have good things in your life in the future.

Keep working towards any roadblocks that you have and face the challenges that come in your life through karmic and other situations. You can work towards living your best life.