Getting Rid of Negative Energy

Getting Rid of Negative EnergyWhen people break up, sometimes they complain about negative energy from the relationship.  The person will sometimes feel that there is fixation or obsessiveness around them, and they feel this is unhealthy.

The important psychological aspects of obsession are not just an attraction, but it is when there is energetic entwining, and this is entwining with spiritual energy as well.

There are aspects of obsessive fixations and these need to be understood as well as the entanglement of spiritual energy which is often times recognized and is always there.  Some people will fail to understand that romantic relationship start out with a fire of passion and later when the relationship goes bad, it brings up drama and can burn out and cause the relationship to fail.  Sometimes we put ourselves completely in these relationships and then we have a hard time healing from them.

Romantic Attraction

Romantic attraction happens through nature and is an unseen magnetism that defies reason.  People feel this and believe things that they usually wouldn’t.

Sometimes people see this as mysterious love, and this is unreliable and not correct.  Once these ideas are accepted, the person is encouraged to become involved with someone even if there is not a real interest there.  Spiritual beliefs cause people to have romantic fixations and they are not always divine.  Make sure that you are cautious and that you allow time to see if your love is real.

Spiritual forces are always working to make inappropriate relationships and when you bond with these people, they can be complicated and negative.  This can cause us to be ignorant and to have negative energy that tricks us and weakens us.  This can drain us and cause us to suffer in life.

When we sort all of this out, we can see that things went too fast.  From a spiritual perspective, we see that existence in this life is temporary on the planet and we have to follow our mission of the soul.  We need to not spend time in unhealthy relationships and work on looking for growth and our purpose in life.

Young people sometimes follow love without thinking about things and they think there is a destiny when they aren’t meant to be with that person.  This means that there is nothing wrong with being single and if you don’t find a romantic partner then it is not a big deal.

Too many people think that we have to be with someone in order to be happy but negative energy comes in your life when you hook up with people that you aren’t meant to be with.

When you begin to recover from a bad situation hen you can get rid of your negative thoughts and find romantic choices that are good for you.

Pain of Rejection

Most people long for love and they want to be romantic and in a sexual relationship from the beginning.  People are always looking for the perfect love and they are looking at relationships to be what they aren’t, and the relationships are not always good.  This can lead to a breakup that is traumatic.

When we look for romance and we do not give ourselves chances to find the perfect person, we will have deep spiritual and psychological feelings and this can cause us to be sad or lonely even in a relationship.

We need to find changes and mature and work within ourselves to find the right relationships.  Even when things are painful or we have been rejected, we have to figure out how to not feel this way and how to abandon those thoughts.  We have to understand that when relationships aren’t healthy then there is a chance for rejection but that it is not a bad thing.  This can lead to false blame and jealousy and mental imbalance, but we need to get free of this.  We need to use the Second Law of Romantic Attraction.

The Second Law of Romantic Attraction means that if one relationship isn’t right for one person then it isn’t right for the other person in the relationship either.  When we argue that we are suffering, you haven’t really been rejected and you need to figure out your reality and count it as a good thing.

Negative energy will come when you are with someone you shouldn’t be with.

Why Love Doesn’t Change

Girls want to have romance and they watch things like Cinderella and think this is what love is.  Other girls know that when they become adults that men are not easy to understand, and romance is not normal.  Generation of people have to learn about what real love is and try to figure it out.  Most people will go without ever figuring it out.

This can also lead to negative energy and can cause women to think that men like them when they do not and men to think that they can just be friends.  It can also make a man think that they can understand women and it can change a person’s point of view.  It is best not to argue with people.

We have to work on learning to communicate with our partner and this can help you to not feel worthless or useless in your situation.  If something bad happens then it can cause negative energy in your life.

When a woman or man breaks up with each other, it can cause them to wonder why the person won’t change.  This can cause the relationship to look dysfunctional.

The imbalance of this type of relationship causes imbalance of power and can cause people to not be in a healthy situation.  This can cause people to be emotional and can make them think that love is real even when it isn’t.

Love cannot change people from one thing to another.  Nature has made love the way it is, even if we are happy or have a different opinion.  No one can turn someone to something else in a relationship.

When you are with someone, they are who they are an you need to know that before you choose to get involved in the relationship.  If you don’t learn who they are, it can hurt your heart and soul and cause you to be emotional and sad.

Let it Go

If you don’t understand someone, let it go.  You do not always have to understand everyone and everything that is going on around you.  Even when a relationship ends, you don’t want to hear about it and you don’t want to talk about it, you just want to understand it.  A breakup can be understood by someone that is seeing the relationship, but it is harder for the person that has the failed relationship to see why it didn’t work out.  The problem isn’t about understanding, it is about wanting to understand why they can’t work it out.

When you see what you are really seeing, you can understand the person more.  Why did you want to give this person your heart?  What does this experience do for you?  Can you grow from this?

Something good has come form it and you have to bring closure and understand what good has come from it.  Just because the relationship is over, it doesn’t mean that things have to be negative and obsessive.  You will get energy from how you react so make sure you do not react with bitterness or pity.

Relationships don’t need permission or understanding to end, and you cannot negotiate with love.  Ending a relationship is not the end of the world, you have to let go so you will not be stuck in negative energy.

Life will show you what belongs to you and where you need to go.  You will not get a reward from having negative energy and it will just cause you to waste a lot of time.

Energy Cleansing

If you want to cleanse your energy from a bad breakup, here is what you can do:

  • Get your power back-do this by removing thoughts that are specific to that person.
  • Get energy from the former lover-do this by connecting with them in their thoughts and taking out all the energy that you left for them.
  • Aura cleansing-cleanse your aura by taking baths regularly and using table salt. Cleanse yourself and allow yourself to heal.

Love is one thing that can fail and there are no lifetime guarantees when you love someone. Regardless if your relationship fails or not, you need to have positive energy and genuine love in order to have the right heart and to have joys over sorrow.