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Gift of Intuition

Gift of Intuition

Having intuition is a great gift and no matter what kind of beliefs that you have, the truth is that you can use this gift as fully as you want to. Some people have a natural sense of intuition and are able to use its power without even realizing that they are. Sometimes it happens to where it becomes a natural thing and they do not even realize they are doing it.

It will feel natural and be a part of their thinking. For other people though, using intuition is something that they have a hard time relating to because they do not understand it, or they forget what kind of power it gives them.

It is not a surprise that our culture has caused us to be programmed more towards logic and thinking than it does towards intuition or imagination. This is not something that is taught in schools and there is no real guidance on using your right brain skills when you are young or when you get older.

There are some steps that can help people to open up more and to become more in tune with their gift of intuition:

Saving the Energy

Intuition will help to save you energy and is not something that is strenuous like analytical thinking is. Intuition is something that we think about outside of the box and we will get the answer immediately. This is something that you just know without having to study.

Solving Problems

Intuition can help you to solve problems., Maybe you are having a hard time finding a solution to something and no matter which way you look at it, the problem seems hard because you are not able to get your mind to get the answer. Listening to your intuition helps you to solve problems that seem unsolvable.

Finding the Way

Using intuition can give you directions when you are lost. Being lost in the real world makes you become vulnerable to ways to find your way back. It is good to be vulnerable to your intuitive skills so that you can find your way spiritually as well.

Saving You

When you try to be rational, you can get less answers than if you are just trying to be understanding. You are not always able to just predict things when you analyze but intuition allows you time because it lets you to feel things and not to move away from it.


Relationships need help sometimes or can be disastrous and so if you want to have a good relationship that keeps going, use your intuitive skills and you will see your time improved.

You can develop your intuition by staging, understanding the process and by reinforcing it.


When you begin to stage, you will prepare yourself from bad habits. You will train your mind to be open and to think outside of the box. Following routines will become a different tune and you will learn to change your route and do things you normally don’t do.


Intuition will allow you to talk to yourself in a happy and playful way. It will be strict with you when necessary, but you will always know that it is on your side. Be gentle with yourself.


Learn to trust your instincts and your gut feeling. These are there for a reason and when you learn to go deeper in your mind, you will realize you can sync this with what is going on in your life.


Everyone needs to have space and when you give yourself some, your intuition will increase, and you will break habits that are not good for you.

You will learn to converse more with yourself and trust the decisions that you make. Intuition is there to give you space inside and to help you past beliefs that are not for you.

Understanding the Process

You have to learn to be ready and to face your intuition. This is not something that you can just stop having or put on hold while you do other things. You will not have free time away from your intuition and you will have to learn to live in the present and always be ready for it.

Point of View

Intuition allows you to change your point of view to where they are clearer and where you are able to change what you are focusing on.

You will spend more time focusing on things that are higher in your life and things that you can do to be better.


You should always listen to what your body is trying to tell you. You have gut feelings for a reason and the reason is so that you can make good choices. If you feel like your chest is tightening when you are going somewhere, take it as a sign.

Learn to form a habit of listening to your body and listening for signs. Doing this will help you to be more sensitive.

Asking Things

Intuition will help you to know what questions you should ask. It will help you to have your attention on the right questions at the right times.

Sometimes you will get an idea about something that is not clear, and you need a clear answer. Intuition will help you to know what question to ask.


Always be ready to focus on what your body is telling you and to listen to your body. This is a great way to reinforce your intuition and to tune in to what your body is telling you. Learn to trust your own vibes and to use visualization to help you.


Having gratitude is important and goes hand in hand with intuition. Your spirit guides will want you to be grateful for what you have happening around you and for what is going on in your heart. Always make sure that you take time to value things in your life that help you to live a better life and a more fulfilled situation.

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