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Have You Lived a Past Life?

Have You Lived a Past Life?It is hard to figure out information from your past life, almost impossible.  Some people remember things from their reincarnation while others will see them only in hypnosis.  There are clues that you can see about your past life if you learn to pay attention and see what is happening in your life.  There are different ebbs of life that go in cycles including birth, flowering, aging, dying, re-growing and more.

It makes sense that our lives are always changing because of our energy and the energy cannot be gotten rid of or destroyed and so it has to go somewhere.

The biggest thing to remember is that there is a difference between your ego and your essence, and it is your ego that dies and is afraid of dying and your inner being, or your essence never dies and travels to different places.

Reincarnation is when you experience living and there are clues, if you pay attention, that will tell you if you have lived a past life.

Beyond Your Age

When you feel uncomfortable or feel that you have sensory overload because you are beyond your age, chances are that you used to have a simpler life.  You long for this and wish you could reconnect with that part of yourself.  You only feel good when you are close to nature and outside.


If you are always having the same dream, specifically of certain people or places that you have probably never been, chances are that they are trying to connect to your current life from your past life.

Being Psychic

When you can read other people and their past life, chances are you can see their success and failures.  You can see where they have lost things and loved other people and you know their enemies.  Sometimes you can connect with people from your past life.


Being intuitive means that you are sensitive to things around you.  This can be feelings or spirits.  You might just have a feeling about your past life and know that you have experienced that same thing, at some point.


Remembering things that you don’t know about or having flashes of memories can mean that you have lived in a different life.  If you remember telling a secret or hearing something, this can be a sign.  Memories are not déjà vu and need to not be confused.

Déjà vu

Déjà vu is when you have a feeling that you have done something or been there before.  This can be a situation, a place or a person.  Sometimes, even smells can bring about feelings of déjà vu.  It is said that at least 1/3 of the world has experienced some type of déjà vu.


Being a healer in your past life brings up the possibilities that you will be a healer in your present life. You might have been a nurse in the past life or healed other animals, plants or people at some time.

Fears and Phobias

Having dread or worry can be a sign of past life trauma.  If you are afraid of water or spiders, chances are that you had a violent death by those means in your past life.


There is no real guide about reincarnation and there are many stories that people tell.  There are also different theories such as that people are conscious beings and individuals but that the soul will need to mature and that is why it will sometimes attach to another body.

When you feel alone or separate, chances are that you need a different body to live in so you can experience being accepted and whole.

Why Reincarnation?

No one really knows why people reincarnate, it is just what happens.  When someone lives a past life, they don’t completely lose those thoughts or experiences and they need to understand that their soul can go to a higher level.

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