Having an Underactive Chakra

Underactive Chakra

Your crown chakra or your Sahasrara is the seventh chakra in your energy center. This is the place where you can reach your spiritual self and where you can make spiritual connections.

When you have a chakra that is underactive, it can cause problems in your life. Having a crown chakra that is underactive can cause you to feel worried and cause you many different problems that you need to fix.

Symptoms of an Underactive Chakra

There are different physical and emotional problems that you might have when your chakra is underactive. If your Crown chakra is underactive, here are some things that can be wrong in your body:

  • Problems with nerves, leaving your body numb.
  • Degenerated or weakened muscles such as muscular atrophy.
  • Neurological conditions.
  • Less vivid colors, quieter sounds or even problems tasting things.

The problems that you face with an underactive chakra can be small or large. There are problems that can be severe, and you might need to see a doctor if you are having extreme problems.

Mental Problems with Underactive Crown Chakra

There are physical and mental problems that you can face with an underactive chakra. Here are some of the mental problems:

  • Feelings of having no purpose. You might have no meaning in your life.
  • You don’t want to be around people or to socialize. This takes away your interest to talk to others.
  • Feelings of depression which come from a chemical imbalance.
  • Problems learning new things. You might want to learn more things but not be able to retain the information.
  • Having a negative attitude. You find that nothing seems to be right for you and you cannot shake the feelings of negativity.

If you feel that your crown chakra is underactive, there are ways that you can heal this. One of the best ways is by meditating.

Meditating to Heal an Underactive Chakra

The best way to meditate is to first find a quiet place that you can relax. Take time to breathe and focus on your breathing. As you focus on this, imagine that there is air coming from the root chakra through the spine and then up to the top of your head to the crown chakra.

Keep your focus on this area and allow the energy to flow there. Observe what kinds of problems that you are having and be determined to fix them.

Meditate for at least 10 minutes and imagine different images that are flowing around you. Imagine that you are in unity with the universe.

As you leave your meditation, focus on yourself and relax. Concentrate on what kind of things you want to do in your life and what kind of spiritual truths you need.

Getting better is your main goal. Do this exercise a few times a week to keep your crown chakra strong and balanced. You can do this to help your other chakras as well.