History of the Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

Divination tools have been used for many years, even back to ancient times. The history of the crystal ball is surrounded by the idea of a divine orb surrounding people. The crystal ball is considered a mystery and used by psychics worldwide and is in many different films and cultures.

If you are clairvoyant, the crystal ball can help you with your senses and help you increase your giftings.

  • Scrying

Scrying is found in many books and prophecies, and people have been using this in history for years and years for telepathy and other things. Even in early times, looking at crystals was known by the Egyptians, the Iroquois, the Chinese, and many other different cultural groups. Still, the earliest recorded use was from the Celtic Druids in Ireland and Britain. This early tool was used during the Iron Age but was pretty much forgotten by 600 A.D. during the Christian period.

Those who are educated and part of ceremonies know Julius Caesar and other Roman philosophers such as Pliny the Elder, who was considered gifted and known to use reflective spheres, and this is where it is thought that the crystal ball came from.

Some of the earlier balls were made out of beryl, which is important because beryl is a mineral that is reflective and known to connect with psychic energies.

The first people that did gazing would look into the stone, meditate, and go into a trance where they would find out things from the past, present, and future. Some believe that psychics are only gifted in seeing into the future, but the crystal ball can be used as a tool to see in all aspects of time.

Gazing into a translucent or reflective surface and getting messages or information from it is known as scrying. It can be used on fingernails, water, blood, mirrors, or anything that is reflective.

  • Ballers

Different cultures have used crystal balls for things such as healing, and even during the Middle Ages, the balls were used by the Druids, and they are thought to have been used during the medieval time by the Anglo-Saxons for magic and just for looks. Some believe that Merlin and King Arthur used the crystal ball.

During this time, crystal balls were used with wire fasteners to hang places, and the people that owned them were considered to have power and strength. In addition, these balls were thought to get rid of sicknesses and evil spirits.

During medieval times, these were used at graves and were often found in the graves of rich women and some men, who would be with their different possessions in their graves. However, some believe that the crystal balls were used only by pagan cults.

  • Crystal Ball

The crystal ball gained more popularity after the Middle Ages; even Queen Elizabeth I had one. She believed in the occult and had a medium and later met a guy named Edward Kelley who showed him what scurrying was and how it could help people to communicate with the spirit world.

It was believed that this ball could fight off demons, and these were normally made of obsidian or other dark stones. In addition, some believed that the angels were the way they talked to the gods, which was why scrying was important to them.

John Dee was the advisor of Queen Elizabeth 1, and he believed that he would get messages from people that had died and from the spirit world when he would use crystal ball scrying.

  • Political Advice

Some people, such as Jeane Dixon, were gifted at using the crystal ball even from an earlier age, and she was known because of the predictions she made about political things. In 1956, a famous magazine, “Parade Magazine” said that a democrat president would be elected and assassinated, and Jeane Dixon was the one that predicted it. She was right because it was JFK.

She also believed that Alec Baldwin would get sick, that Ellen DeGeneres would crash an inauguration of the president, and that there would be a World War III. She would carry her ball everywhere she went and spent time in many presidents’ offices, such as President Nixon. She even predicted the terrorist attack and joined Nancy Reagan’s trusted astrologers list. After she died, Dixon’s crystal ball sold for over $10,000.

  • Roma Fortune Telling

One of the best descriptions of the crystal ball comes from a woman that people thought was a gypsy because of the things she wore, such as fancy jewelry, bangles, and scarves. She would predict the future, and the thing about this is many fortune tellers came from Roma, Italy. The Catholic Church was unhappy about this, believing that fortune-telling was wrong.

Roma adopted things that other cultures had with crystal ball readings, and the gypsies became some of the most known fortune tellers in the world. Even in Virginia and New York, a law came for those that would trade cash for fortunes.

  • Magic

The crystal ball resulted from the people traveling from Roma, Italy, and they were fortune telling and gazing, which was interesting to people around them. One performer, Alexander, was known for being a crystal ball reader, and he would answer the audience’s questions, and they were sealed in envelopes even before the show started.

Crystal gazing was always something up for debate, and it was questioned because people did not believe that psychics were real, and they thought that the audience was just easily deceived.

  • Fortune

Fortune-telling machines are found in many different areas, and the machines are given money, and then the gypsy-looking guy with a scarf on will hold a crystal ball and tell the people’s fortunes. This was shown in 1910 and was a big thing with the movie “Big” in 1988, called Zoltan Speaks.

The machines were considered evil land creepy and could be worked for just a few pennies at carnivals. Zoltar was even replicated at Coney Island.

  • Pop Culture

Crystal balls are part of pop culture, and they are even seen in “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy takes the mask off of Professor Marvel, who has a turban and talks about the crystal and a tornado that is coming. In the next few scenes, the Wicked Witch of the West tells her commands to the giant crystal ball and watches Dorothy and the others on the ball. Once Dorothy is held captive, the Wicked Witch cries as she sees images of Auntie Em in the ball. The crystal ball from the movie sold for over $100,000, and some of the proceeds went to the New Jersey Teen Arts Program.

In the “Labyrinth,” Jareth the Goblin King would use the crystal ball to mix together things, and they weren’t meant to look into the past or future, but they were meant to see dreams. Bowie didn’t use the ball at all, but the juggler showed the ball through the armpits of Bowie.

  • Crystal Balls for Guidance

When you gaze into the crystal ball, it can be seen now in sports, politics, technology, business, and other things. It can be used to cast the future and know what is happening in the spiritual world. This also can be used to heal others and to show the future.

Gina Jean, a scryer, believes that crystal balls should be used for guidance and not looking into the future. However, you will see that most psychics do not use only use crystal balls; they use them just as tools. They also use Tarot cards, palm reading, and other divination tools.

Kim Allen uses her crystal ball when she does readings, and she uses two types of balls crystal quartz and a smoky obsidian ball. She tells her clients to pick the ball that attracts them, wave their hand over it, and see where the energy comes from.

When Allen does her reading, she cleanses the ball with Florida Water which is water, alcohol, oils, and cologne. This is then buried in the sea salt for a few days, and she keeps it on her ball.

The history of the crystal ball is one of the most powerful things in the spiritual world. It is not just finding messages but is rooted in culture and witchcraft. This is very popular and is used in many communities. Psychics do not always use these now, and even if they are clairvoyant, they do not need to have a crystal ball, and they do not need these for their giftings.