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How Old is Your Soul?

Do you spend a lot of time contemplating the meaning of life? Have you ever visited a place for the first time, only to have it feel strangely familiar to you? Do people often say that you’re wise beyond your years? It’s quite possible you have an old soul.

Souls age just like bodies do, but their cycle progresses much slower. The cycle can be compared to our physical ages with similar stages. The new soul is like an infant. It grows to become a child, a youth, a mature soul, and eventually an old soul. Older souls are often characterized by a focus on big picture topics and an interest in nature.

An old soul manifests in various personality traits for the physical person. Old souls tend to like meditation and other calming activities. They prefer quiet environments like a library to busy, loud places. It should not come as a surprise if you are introverted and spend a lot of time in deep reflection. You may often hear that you’re wise beyond your years, and your naturally do well in leadership roles. Because you care about the world at large, you may find yourself in careers or hobbies that have a humanitarian focus. Celebrities who do a lot of charity work tend to be old souls.

The most interesting thing about old souls is their connection to past lives. This often manifests as a familiarity with places you’ve never actually been. In these past lives, you’ve learned spiritual lessons that were too vast to absorb in a single lifespan. These soul memories are what lead to your wisdom, even if you don’t remember how you learned the insights you have.

You can foster a better awareness of this type of inherited knowledge with the help of a psychic or spiritual guide. Psychic advisors can help you open this connection and access these lessons to lead a more enlightened life.

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