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How to block a psychic attack

Using prayer and meditation in your spiritual practicePsychic attacks can come from two places; other people and negative forces. Attacks from other people is the most common. Negative forces can be connected to a person or a place. These forces do not include ghosts as ghosts are an imprint of energy that emerges over and over. Entities that will attack you are a force on their own.

There are effective ways to protect yourself  from attack by a living person or by an entity.  Generally speaking, psychic attacks from other people are usually unintentional and are caused by anger or negativity. It is rare that someone will direct black magic towards you.

The people who are most likely to have dark energy around them are people who do drugs and are heavy smokers and drinkers.  This is because healthy people have a naturally stronger aura of protection.  A weekend aura can be the result of a long illness.  The thing to remember is that no spirit can influence us unless we allow them to. This means we have to consent or be open to the will of that spirit. When you make a conscious effort to rebuke that spirit, they will go away.

A protection prayer from a trusted psychic will help with this.

Even thought it’s rare, occasionally someone will cast a harmful spell on someone else. Usually this results in a feeling of mild discomfort for the other person and not much else. Dark energy will always return to the spell caster.  It could take years for someone to rid themselves of this dark energy.  It is pointless to rage out at someone if you think that they are casting a dark spell on you. This only brings back negative energy on to yourself.

Here are few ways to build up your natural sense of protection:


Crystals work to block negative energy,particularly if you can actually feel their negativity. Black  tourmaline and shungite. are effective as is  amber  for protection. You can either wear or carry these crystals.


Smudging is an ancient practice that involves burning sage or other herbs. When the smoke clears, the space will be cleansed of the bad energy or spirits.  This can be done as a ritual or ceremony or just with the intent to clear your space.


Visualisation is a little more difficult You will need to quiet yourself and mediate to visualize. Take a few deep breaths and picture yourself inside of safe barrier. If you are being harassed by neighbors, picture your entire dwelling surrounded by this barrier.  You should practice this visualization every day.

Reflective surfaces or jewelry

A small mirror placed in a mirror by your front entrance can deflect bad energy. Silver jewelry with a reflective surface also works if you wear it with intent. That means you think that it will protect you when you put it on. mirrored pendant works very well.

Calling White Light

White light as a shield can provide  protection from  negative energy; it is not the strongest means  of protection. It works well for an empath because it keeps negative energy from trespassing on their emotions. Empaths can call a white light to protect them. White light can also be good for driving away internal darkness and cleaning the aura.

Meditation to Strengthen the Aura

Mediation requires us to work on ourselves. We can balance our chakras through meditation. This will help increase the strength of our aura. and thoughts.

Positive energy and affirmations

Work in the same way mediation does; building our own aura with positive energy and self-affirmation increases our dinner strength.

Flower or Gem Essences

Essences can remove depression, build confidence and build positive vibrations. You can also use an essence that is specifically designed to get rid of negative energy.

Relocating to a new place

Sometimes a dwelling is so clogged with bad spirits and negative energy that it seems impossible to clean them.  If yours is an extreme case, you will more than likely need to move.

Cord Cutting

Sometimes people with negative energy are tied to us with etheric cording If this is the case you willed to be released from their psychic hooks. A psychic advisor can help you find someone who can do a cord cutting for you.

Invoking Angels or God

Sometimes you will encounter someone who prescribes Angels or God as the answer to everything. Keep an open mind as they may just be right. Divine and angelic right can remove all the negative power and entities away from us. After all, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Words can work magic

If we have tried everything else and the negative energy keeps us down, we can always try something simple and obvious; tell the energy to go.Tell it to return to its source do that, don’t allow this energy to come back into your thoughts.

Mantras and Prayers

There are mantras and prayers you can use to help protect yourself. Since these are very personal, you can either create our research one to use for your purposes.

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