Karmic Relationships

If you are someone that has been in and out of relationships, chances are that you have been dealing with a karmic relationship, here or there.

There are four different kinds of soulmates that can come to your life such as the past life soulmates, twin flames, healing soulmates and karmic soulmates.

A person that is a healing soulmate will show up to help your life to be better and to heal things such as your heart. They will teach you to love and to heal.

A past life soulmate will come and you will have an instant connection with them. You will connect with them such as you have known them forever.

Twin flame relationships will be part of your long-term relationships because they are the other half of your soul. They will make you the best person that you can be.

Karmic relationships are the ones that are hard to deal with. They come because of the karma that you have death in your life. These people come to teach you lessons about who you are and about love.

Karmic relationships are the ones that people often have but they don’t always know it. They only know that the relationship is hard and painful and that there are many struggles.

If your relationship goes through many different stages and patterns, if you find it up and down, if you deal with obsessiveness or selfishness then chances are this is a karmic or a toxic relationship.

Signs of a Karmic Relationship

Here are some signs that you might be in a karmic relationship:


A karmic relationship will be one sided and you will feel that your partner doesn’t respect you. You will feel that you don’t understand each other, and they will always be about themselves. They will do things to have you help them all the time, but they will not want to give in to you.

This person will be self-centered, and everything revolves around them.


Karmic relationships seem to be destiny. You will get in them, and you will feel connected to them right away. You need to realize that this relationship will start out good at first but that changes over time.


You will feel that you are addicted to this person. You will never be able to be away from them even though the relationship has so many ups and downs.

You will see that they are so selfish that they become addictive. They will bring drama into the relationship and the spark will be there, but it won’t be a good spark.

This relationship is someone that you will not want to lose because they make you feel good when things are good.


A relationship like this often leads to controlling. Your partner will try to control everything that you do, and the universe will not help you. They will make you happy and sad and you will feel like you cannot live without them.

This kind of controlling relationship can lead to obsessions and your partner will want to know everything you do.

Feels Like Destiny

As you obsess over each other, you will wonder how they ever chose you. You will feel that they are too good for you and that you don’t deserve them.

Even though they will often hurt you, you will still believe that the relationship is destined to be together. They will be like a magnet, and you cannot pull away from them.

Dependent on Them

You will become dependent on this person, and you will base all of your thoughts and decisions on what they are doing. Everything will revolve around them.

You will lose yourself in this person.

Not Rational

They will never be rational or make smart choices. They will do things and tell you that you need to act a certain way to be a better person.


You will sometimes feel that the relationship is crazy and out of control. There will be major drama and you will always have to be cautious that you don’t upset your partner.

The karmic relationship will start good and get bad.


There will be repetitive patterns in the relationship. You will have ups and downs and you will break up and make up over and over.


There can be kinds of abuse in this kind of relationship. It can be mental, physical, or even emotional.

Someone that hits you is someone that you should never be with. Do not let others play mind games with you or put you down. This should never be a pleasure by you or your partner.


The karmic relationship will always have you fearing what is going to happen. You will worry that they are going to leave you and you will worry about being left alone or abandoned.

You will fear being rejected and there will always be tension that you have to face.


Now that you understand a karmic relationship, you need to look for signs in your own relationship to see if that is what you face. The cycle will keep repeating until you break up with them and move forward in your life.

You might need to leave this karmic relationship because they are never last anyways. Admit that you are in this kind of relationship and know that you need the strength to leave them.

Then, find out what you have learned from this lesson and learn to avoid it in the future. The best way that you can live your life is to get rid of these kinds of relationships and find happiness in your life.

After you accept and admit that you are in this kind of relationship, learn to break free completely and do not go back to that person ever. Make sure that you heal and that you let yourself grow and know who you are before you choose to get into another relationship. This is one way that you can avoid it happening to you again.