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How to Motivate Yourself

images (9)Motivation and enthusiasm act as wish and interest, and they also represent incentive enthusing you to take action and to follow your goals.
However, you may have the wish and interest, but you lack the motivation & enthusiasm. This is very frustrating, since you want to do a certain thing, but you don’t have enough motivation to act.
And lack of motivation happens for several reasons. It could be due to weak desire, laziness or shyness, and it could be due to absence of self-confidence. In some cases, the reason could be physical or mental, which requires professional help.

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Motivation is the CLUE

From my point of view, the greatest spiritual clue in life is motivation. Motivation is THE CLUE to mastering spirituality and everyday life. Even if you consider yourself a motivated person, almost everyone can benefit from other successful people’s experiences. Extremely successful billionaires are successful because they always find new ways to success.

Remind yourself of your previous Success

Many people experience hard times becoming motivated and even successful people may have problems to take things to the next level. Think about it: How many times have you dreamed of overcoming some issues to reach your goals? It would be wise to remind yourself of previous success where you crossed the finished line to realize that you can make it again.

Change Your Thoughts and Beliefs

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If you can change your negative thoughts and beliefs, then you can change your life. The negative thoughts we have, become our reality. The constant thought of “I will never get this done” leads to the same “never getting it done”. It is important to change this “mental matter”, this bad feeling that you do not control whatever task. Motivational speakers like Tony Robbins and financial motivational speakers like Suze Orman have shockingly impressive ways to keep you enthusiastic and motivated.

Stop Listening to Old Mental Thoughts

Stop listening to same old mental tapes (such as: “I’m too tired,” “Not today,” “I don’t feel like it”) that keep you away from doing what you want to do. Try to achieve something smaller and easier to manage and stick to motivation zone. On a personal level, I love to complete lists to get things done. There is inspiring feeling about the sense of empowerment and achievement that I get from crossing the items off of my completed lists. Make your “to do list” on days when you have a million things to get done because at such times, you have a better success rate. This method reinforces your new positive mental thoughts and also organizes what would be an ordinarily chaotic day.

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Religious & Spiritual Motivation

You may have heard me say that it is easier for religious people to KNOW spirituality than to PRACTICE it. You do love it but do you live it? Spiritual motivation is just as essential as mental motivation. It is important to do the exercises found at the end of the chapters of many spiritual books than to read the chapter itself. However, they may be the most ignored part of the books. To bring spirituality into actual practice in everyday life, try to see God or the universe or whatever you believe in as your best close, confidante and constant companion. Keep the conversation between you going continuously. This continuous and steady connection maintains your spirituality and it is an easy way to take your spiritual side to the next step and keeps you motivated on the spiritual path as well.

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