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Are You Hurting Being An Angel To Others?

        Whenever we think of angels, we think of spiritual light and wings beings filled with unconditional love, assisting for the purpose of our highest good. My guides tell me though that there are incarnate angels here on Earth.

Some angels incarnate as humans, simply to experience the contrast of painful emotions. I am also told some souls take on angelic traits for many different reasons—some relating to past life experiences or some connected to soul purpose experiences.

For this purpose, it does not matter which path of origin—there are still common angelic traits linked to creating your human personality. The combination of those qualities gives people what I call Angelic Eyes. When I help people identify and understand their Angelic Eyes, it helps bring clarity to relationships both past and present. Those with Angelic Eyes stand out with their level of compassion, love, understanding and forgiveness. They tend to be selfless and others find them to be great listeners. In fact, many have such a mesmerizing energy they attract others, even strangers, with little to no effort. Strangers often overshare simply because they feel the security of their brilliant aura.

Healers and Helpers

Angelic Eyes want to see the good in all. Most are intuitive and insightful and genuinely want to help. They are healers at the very core of their being. They are very giving and tend to give more than they receive and often, have difficulty saying no. Generally, those with Angelic Eyes will not ask for help because it goes against the core of who they are.

Loving a Person’s Potential

Seeing and experiencing life through Angelic Eyes can be very rewarding and fulfilling when you attract those who appreciate and respect you. However, having Angelic Eyes can mean taking on relationships that refuse to be helped. Remember, we are human and humans feel both pleasure and pain, conflict and joy. Relationships created through Angelic Eyes can be very rewarding at first and then stall. Yes, you see a beautiful soul with the potential to have a wonderful life together and you fall in love with that person’s potential. You feel drawn to help them be better. You want to heal their pain. You want to help them achieve love and balance. You want to help them create a happier life you truly know they deserve.


However, having Angelic Eyes can also attract relationships that leave you feeling helpless and hopeless or exhausted and overwhelmed. Those with Angelic Eyes can find themselves feeling frustrated. Sometimes the one you love so deeply cannot see their fears or issues and a cycle begins to emerge. The more you try to help, the more they will resent and feel you are trying to change them. People with Angelic Eyes often stay longer than they should, even when the relationship becomes dysfunctional. They accept the abuse, negative experiences and sacrifice their happiness all because they hope their partners will finally start to appreciate them. Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? No.

A Familiar Feel

If you put others needs before you own, and you stay longer than you should, it begins to stagnate the growth within you. You must find a way to empower yourself to stop. Remember, you are in control of your decisions. As healers, you want to heal. You see a wounded soul and you are drawn to heal and help sometimes even subconsciously—all because of your Angelic Eyes. When you start to look at yourself and your relationships—both past and present—you may start to notice a familiar feel to these Angelic Eyes.

A Perfect Life?

Just because you take on the characteristics of the angelic realm, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the most perfect life. Sometimes, quite the opposite is true. It is imperative to set up healthy boundaries, learn to say no and acknowledge your angelic qualities within. Sometimes, just understanding yourself helps you understand why and what you are doing with that person. It is okay to help. It is okay to offer support, but you must remember free will exists. Please understand you can only do so much.

You Can’t Fix People

Understand you cannot fix people. They have to fix themselves. Did you hear me? You cannot fix them! You must stop beating your head against those unmovable objects because it’s not healthy. Remember, you are a good person and deserve to be with someone who honors and respects the angel you are. So be an angel and take care of yourself!

If these words resonate, I can help bring clarity to your angelic self. Let’s talk! I would love to help.

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