Law of Attraction

When you think of the Law of Attraction, you need to understand that this is something that is drawn to itself. The Law of Attraction goes hand in hand with the Law of Vibration where it says that everything is full of energy no matter if it is living or an object. The energy creates a vibrational energy that allows you to flow out a frequency that will manifest in your life depending on what you are doing.

When you understand the Law of Vibration, you can then understand the Law of Attraction. This attraction is all around you and once you understand it, you will be able to recognize when it is surrounding you and when you experience things that fall in this law. Nothing happens for no reason; it happens because you attract the energy to make it happen.

How it Works

The Law of Attraction works differently for different people because people make their own realities. They attract different things and when you are aware of it, you can be more in control of what you want in your life. When you have a negative thought, it does not mean that will happen because everyone falls short, but you have to focus on where your attention goes. If you have a negative thought while you are sleeping, it does not mean that you will be in bed with a dragon or something bad.


When you are always letting out negative energies or thoughts, and you want something else like happiness, you have a battle going on with what you want and what you are attracting. You become stuck and things that you do not want in your life come to you because you are not aware that you are calling it forth.

Even though you may not understand or even know that the Law of Attraction exists, it has power of your life and what you experience and once you begin to pay attention to where your attention goes, you will have more control over what happens in your life.

There is nothing that you want that you cannot have and nothing that you cannot achieve once you set your mind to it.


When you try to change your thoughts, this is hard, instead, pay attention to your feelings. When you have negative feelings and you want to have a positive emotion, change your thought pattern to go to something that makes you feel better.

Pay attention to what you are feeling, and this can help you to control your mind more and let you think on things that you want instead of what you do not want.

Using the Law of Attraction

Everything that you see and everyone that you know has a vibrational frequency that they bring to you. The signals have to match before the Law of Attraction can happen and even when people look and act different, they can still be attracted to one another because of their vibrational frequencies are the same.

If you want to find a soulmate or a person that is kind and loving towards you, you have to have the same traits in order for them to attract towards you.

You can create the reality that you want by learning to control your emotions. Write down on paper what you desire in your life or put pictures up on your wall. Do not think that your imagination is not important, you have to learn to picture the life that you want to attract it to yourself.

Once you figure out what you want, act as if you are already in charge of that life and that you are getting what you want. Manifest your life dreams and see what comes to you.