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Listening Carefully to Your Psychic Self

Listening Carefully to Your Psychic Self

Our inner selves speak to us on a continuous basis, but we must learn to listen. The powerful thoughts we contain could change the world that is around us, but we must take the time to listen to these hopes, fears, and intentions. We need to welcome these feelings and deeper connections to harness the abilities that are inside us all. Below are some ideas to help you better listen to what is at our cores.

Intuitive Abilities

Each of us have some type of ability, some have more than one, but we must tap into it in order to really be able to listen and share that ability with others.

There are four major intuitive abilities:

Clairvoyance – defined as clear seeing, this ability allows us to perceive things that are beyond the current realm of sensory contact, seeing into the future or another time.

Clairsentience – defined as a clear feeling, this is the sensing of physical and emotional states of others through means other than the five senses. Often feeling the past, present, and future, psychics with this ability can feel information from inanimate objects like houses or buildings.

Clairaudience – defined as clear hearing, this is perceiving the messages, sounds, and words sent from the spirit world that are not audible to the normal human ear. The messages may be heard, as if someone was talking or simply pop into their mind.

Claircognizance – defined as clear knowing, this encompasses the other intuitive senses while supplementing the five physical senses we already have as part of the normal human experience.

While these four abilities were at one time considered a New Age type of thinking, they are now common and often researched in scientific fields and disciplines. In fact, there are probably times that each of us can identify with one of the abilities clearly. Think of a time when you knew something before it happened or knew you should avoid someplace specific, but ignored this feeling. When things went poorly, you likely remembered that feeling you had and realized you should have listened. This is the inner voice speaking, but we must learn to listen.

To work on your own natural ability, you must practice, just as you would for a sport. Find a calm space and relax your mind, some prefer soothing music, while others need complete silence, now let your mind wander. Trying to force a vision or thought is not necessarily effective, so try to simply relax. When a form or vision does come, embrace it.

Most people are trained to ignore intuition which leaves psychic potential undeveloped, but others let these abilities come forth and grow to help others. Meditation is part of this development for most who are practicing. If you wish to know more, there are books, articles, and full sites dedicated to these practices. Never be afraid to start listening to your psychic self closely. Your inner voice is trying to offer you a message you need to hear, be willing to listen and seek.

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