Meeting Your Guardian Angel through Meditation


We have used meditation for hundreds of years for different reasons, including developing inner peace and promoting mental, spiritual, and psychical health and well-being. While there are many reasons to meditate, there are no right or wrong reasons to practice it. It can also be used to contact the spiritual world, and many people feel that they can connect with themselves, their guardian angels, and spirit guides through this method.

If you believe in guardian angels and have a strong feeling that you have one out there waiting for you, you can make any attempt to try and reach out to them. Meditation is a fantastic way to ground yourself and discover more about your authentic self, a self that is free from the outside world and societal pressures. So, if you want to meet your guardian angel, try using these meditation practices:

  • Clear Your Mind and Your Head

If you are about to sit down and spend some time meditating, make sure you refrain from having anything mood-altering in your bloodstream, such as caffeinated teas and coffees, alcohol, or any over-the-counter or recreational drugs. Clear and cleanse your body for at least 5 hours before you start meditating.

  • Cleanse The Room You Will Be Meditating In

It is paramount that the room you choose to meditate in is clean from dust, grime, and negative energy.  Burn some frankincense or sage, or just open the windows to allow the static energy to flow out. You might clear out some negative energy while you are doing so.

  • Choose A Comfortable Position

It doesn’t matter how you want to sit or lie, but many people who meditate like to lie flat on their back or sit in the lotus position. So the main thing to do is find a position you are completely comfortable in to achieve maximum relaxation.

  • Be Prepared To Take Some Notes

If you can place a pad and pen beside you while you meditate, this will be helpful when you see images or notice things in your meditation that may link you to your guardian angel. You may also see or hear your guardian angel’s name or see visions of your guardian angel when you meditate. While your eyes are closed, write what you see or notice in your subconscious, and don’t worry about what it looks like on paper. Do not force anything onto the paper; just allow your inner guide to take over. You might be able to make out your guardian angel’s name through your scribbles, giving you a chance to call them directly.

  • Get Ready To Possibly Meet Your Guardian Angel

Now that you are prepared to meet your guardian angel and have kept an open mind to meet them during your spiritual journey of meditating, you can relax. Imagine yourself in the place you feel most comfortable. Some people may refer to it as their “happy place.”

Allow your worries, stresses, and past pains to leave your body and welcome your guardian angel. Welcome your guardian angel internally, or you can physically speak out and ask them to come to you. Be prepared that they may present themselves in all types of forms in your meditative state. For example, you may see an animal or figure you do not understand. Whatever you see and feel, welcome it with open arms and embrace the moment.

You will know within your soul whether your guardian crossed your spiritual path; as you repeat this process every chance you can, you will become closer to them. This connection will lead you onto a path of spiritual enlightenment, and you will, without a doubt, feel less alone in the world and protected.