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Moving On: Ways to Better Deal with Your Ex

We’ve all had to deal with an ex at one time or another. Sometimes it’s a clean break and we never see or talk to that person ever again. But there are other times when it may seem like your ex either won’t go away or can’t be out of your life one hundred percent because of a particular situation. Whether the two of you have children together or have decided to remain friends, dealing with and seeing your ex after a breakup doesn’t have to be a negative thing. However, it can prove to be a problem in your life if not handled carefully, especially when it comes to causing trouble with a new relationship.

Dealing with your ex can be a complicated situation, especially if they don’t want to accept that your relationship is over and are trying to win you back. But it’s best to handle your ex with care and understanding, especially if there are children involved.

Do you have an ex that just won’t give up and keeps calling you or trying to communicate through other means? This can definitely lead to problems with your new significant other. The first step to dealing with this situation is to determine why your ex is still trying to get in touch with you. Of course, if you and your ex have children together, you’re more than likely going to have to stay in touch. But what if there are no children involved? Perhaps your ex is still trying to find closure? Or maybe they have the intention of trying to get back together with you? Once you determine why exactly your ex is still contacting you, then you can figure out how to further proceed.

If you and your ex don’t have any ties that require you to stay in touch, then it’s time to tell him or her that you don’t want to stay in contact any longer. Hopefully they will respect your wishes. But the important thing to remember is to stay firm and let them know that it’s not okay to keep calling or contacting you.

So, what if your ex is wanting to spend more time with the children? Of course, it’s never easy dealing with a break-up when there are children involved. It can be even more difficult juggling a new relationship with your ex and when he or she can see the children. But if your ex had told you that they want to spend more time with your children, first you must decide what you think will be best for the kids. If you agree that your children would benefit from seeing your ex more often, then you can discuss a solution that will work for everyone involved. It’s also important to keep your relationship with your new significant other separate from your ex so that your children can separate the two relationships…between your ex and new lover as well.

Break-ups are never easy. And dealing with your ex after a break-up can be even more difficult. But in keeping a clear head and balanced point of view, dealing with your ex will hopefully either come to end, or remain on good terms if that’s what you’ve decided.

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