Planetary Tarot Spread

Planetary Tarot Spread

planetary1The planetary tarot spread is for people who like astrology. It’s a diamond-shaped eight-card query spread that may give insight into multiple aspects of someone’s current life state. To use this spread, concentrate on your specific question before the cards are spread.

The various positions of the cards in this spread represent the following about you:

  1. Your Self overall.
  2. Moon (concerning your home): The Moon is linked to goddess energy, divination, psychic awareness, intuition, meditation, magical ability, arcane knowledge, occult mysteries, the shadow self and introspection. The moon is feminine, and is associated with the element of water.
  3. Mercury (concerning business, skills and integrity): This planet’s energies affect all forms of communication, travel, creativity, writing, conversation and self-expression.
  4. Venus (concerning love, romance and partnerships): Venus is associated with personal relationships, love, intimacy, family, friendships, affection, romance, passion and emotional attachments.
  5. Mars (concerning hostility, opposition, conflict and aggression): Mars often indicates aggression, force, masculinity, male energy, lust, rivalry, competition, ego, assertiveness and determination.
  6. Jupiter (concerning money/finance and the acquisition of wealth): This planet is linked to prosperity, abundance, career, finances, money, employment, growth, business and expansion/increase.
  7. Saturn (concerning matters of intellect): Saturn is associated with conflict, restriction, protection magic, banishing, binding, and removing harmful influences, barriers and obstacles.
  8. The outcome of the question.

There are other versions of the Planetary Spread, but what’s best about this one is how it works with the seven classical planets of ancient astrology.

Another wonderful thing about this spread is its simplicity. Each planet has its own magical association that can be added to the meaning of each tarot card in its position. For example, if The Magician card is in the Moon position, it can indicate an increase of psychic awareness and a revealing of hidden knowledge.

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  1. The spread’s structure, particularly how each card position correlates with a different classical planet, provides a comprehensive approach to understanding various aspects of one’s life. It appears to encapsulate both personal and external influences effectively.

  2. The intersection of astrology and tarot in this spread is intriguing. Using the planets as focal points for different life areas adds depth to readings, and the straightforward method of positioning makes it accessible.

  3. This eight-card planetary tarot spread seems like a nuanced way to incorporate astrological elements into tarot readings. The emphasis on classical planets offers a rich tapestry of symbolism and meaning.

  4. I appreciate the blend of simplicity and depth in this tarot spread. The connections between the planetary associations and the tarot cards offer a multi-dimensional view of a person’s current life state, which could be quite insightful.

  5. Reading the explanations for each planetary position, it is clear that this spread is designed for those with a genuine interest in both tarot and astrology. The dual focus on symbolism from both fields can provide a well-rounded analysis.


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