Falling in LOVE with Your Boss

LOVE with Your Boss

We all heard about love stories that happened in the workplace and ended up with a dramatic BREAKUP, and either one or both left. Love relationships happen in the workplace for many reasons. You spend 40 at least every week with your co-workers and managers, and you all have similar career goals, similar ambitions, similar skills, and even similar characters. So, it’s very common and likely to have a romantic story with your co-worker or boss.

We believe that relationships at work may affect our careers and reputations negatively, so we do our best to avoid falling in love with our peers or managers. But sometimes, all our trials to avoid falling in love at the workplace FAIL.


Mary is a teacher at an elementary school. She falls in love with John (the school’s principal). John is a middle-aged man with grey hair and a killer smile. Rumors started to spread all over the school; even students started to talk about it. The situation became so embarrassing for both Mary and her principal, so they decided to end the relationship, and Mary left the school.

NEVER think of DATING your BOSS

No one has ever written a formula on “how to avoid falling in love with your BOSS.” Yet, it’s becoming so popular to date your superiors. Although romantic relationships are discouraged in the workplace, preventing them seems impossible because of the long time we spend with people we work with; we may even spend longer with them than with our families.

And even if you try to hide your relationship at the workplace, believe me, your workmates will notice, and that’s why you both have to be very cautious because other co-workers have the right to sue if the boss’s lover receives better benefits or treatment than they do.

Workplace Rumors

Dating your boss is one of your co-workers’ favorite gossip topics. Once they notice you have an affair with your boss, they start to spread rumors everywhere. They will even keep an eye on you to see if you receive something special, like a great project or travel assignment. Sometimes, bosses will avoid showing favoritism to their partners and deny them opportunities.


When it comes to breakup when the relationship is over, usually one of you leaves the company, and the other one stays but with his or her career negatively affected.

Necessary Precautions

It’s very common to have an affair with your boss at work, so you need to take the necessary precautions if it happens:

  • End this romantic relationship immediately
  • Change the department you work at so the boss you have a relationship with has no ability to affect your career, but this may be impossible in small organizations.
  • Consult your organization’s Human Resources Department to get professional advice if you have any concerns about the negative impacts that may affect your career as a result of this romantic relationship.

Last but not least, never have a relationship with your co-workers or managers.  It usually ends up with a dramatic breakup and negatively affects your career.

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