Signs from the Spirit World

Spirit World

When a loved one dies, waiting to hear from them is hard. If they do not come to you in the spirit world, it can make you feel that they are not around and cause you to feel sad or lonely. Spirits will often give you a sign and make it so that you cannot ignore the signs or messages that they are giving you.

Here are some signs that spirits will give you, especially ones from loved ones that have died:

    • Electricity
    • Smells
    • Animals
    • Objects
    • Numbers
    • Dreams
    • Thoughts or Visions
    • Feeling watched
    • Songs
    • Buzzing in ears.


Spirits love to play with electricity, which is one of the biggest signs that a spirit is close to you. They want to get your attention, and so they will turn the lights on or off or turn the television or radio off when you are listening to it.

Since a spirit is made of only energy, it can use its energy to turn on things and turn them off. If the television turns off or on, there are reasons behind it, such as the loved one wanting to turn on their favorite song or show, or when you are thinking about them, they want to confirm it.


A person that has passed away will sometimes come back as a spirit to see you, and they will have the smell that they had on earth., It can come in the form of smoke smells, the perfume they used to wear, or even something they used to cook.

The signs can confuse you sometimes, but remembering their smell can be comforting to you. Remember, do not be afraid but know they are just saying hello.


Animals such as a bird or a butterfly can come to you for a short period of time. For example, they might peck on the window or show up on a sign. They are doing this to communicate with you, and the signs that they give you are just to let you know that you are not alone.


When your loved one wants you to know that they are there, they will send something to you to show you, such as a rock, coin, or feather. These gifts can mean different things, such as:

    • A coin with the year your loved one was born.
    • A rock that is on your bed.
    • A clothing item of your loved one.

Remember, do not be afraid; just say hi to your loved one.


Your loved ones might send you signs and symbols that are repeating. This can be repeating numbers such as 333 or 111, which can be seen on the clock or signs. Maybe you will even see them through strangers, on license plates, bumper stickers, or more. This is a sign that your loved one wants to visit with you.


Dreams are one of the easiest ways for your loved one to communicate and visit with you. This can be a strong dream that is very memorable. These can be dreams that you remember for a long time. Here are some things that might happen when your loved one is communicating through a dream:

    • The dream is vivid.
    • It will be a color dream.
    • It can be something of your loved ones that you are holding.
    • It can be in the form of words or objects.
    • The dreams might confuse you, but you can notice your feelings of peace and joy when you dream of them.

If you ask your loved one to show up, chances are they will.


Our loved ones do not have a chance to speak to us, but they are in spirit form. They give messages to you in your dream, and these are telepathic messages.

Make sure to pay attention to the thoughts that you have because it is probably your loved one trying to communicate with you. This is a good thing; talk to them when a thought comes to your mind.

Watching You

Sometimes we feel that someone is watching us, and this can be energies of the spirit of your loved one. This is when you are grieving, and they come to watch you because they want you to know that they are okay.

You will continue to feel your loved one even after they die because they are still around you. Even when you are sad and grieving, your loved one will want you to know that they are okay. They will watch you and protect you and will never leave you alone.


When your favorite song comes on, chances are that your loved one has made it a place for you.

Learn to listen to the music you hear wherever you are, such as in the grocery store or car. Then, when you hear the song playing on the radio, turn it up.

If you are watching television and a song comes on that reminds you of your loved one, listen to it and see what kind of message they are trying to give you.

If your loved one loved music, they will be able to communicate with you through music.


When your loved one talks to you, they talk in a different vibrational frequency than you are in. So if you hear buzzing in your ear, chances are they are trying to get your attention:

    • When the buzzing starts, pay attention to where you are and what you are looking at.
    • See if the ringing starts when you read the newspaper or a book. Then, stop reading and see if it stops, and then read it again to see if you get a message.
    • The ringing can come when you are thinking about something or when you are getting a sign.


Even though this is a short list, the truth is that it is common for your loved one to try to communicate with you in different ways.

If you have not seen any of the signs listed, tell your loved one that you want to see them and want them to visit you. Ask them to talk to you or to come in the form of an animal, and then see if that animal appears before you.

The more you pay attention to your surroundings, the more your loved ones will communicate with you. Learn to be patient and learn to communicate with them so they can communicate with you.


  1. It’s interesting to read about the different ways spirits might try to reach out. The idea that they can influence electricity and smells is particularly fascinating and makes one wonder about unexplained occurrences in everyday life.

  2. The connection between spirits and music is a fascinating topic. The idea that specific songs can serve as messages from loved ones adds a poignant layer to our experiences with music and memory.

  3. The notion of spirits using numbers and dreams as a means of communication is quite compelling. It aligns with several anecdotal reports I’ve come across, reinforcing the idea that our loved ones remain close.

    • I agree, Rose. Numbers and dreams have been significant in various cultural beliefs about the afterlife. It’s comforting to think that loved ones might still be trying to reach out in these subtle ways.

  4. The concept of telepathic messages and feeling watched as signs from spirits is an intriguing aspect of the article. It provides a thoughtful perspective for those who might be seeking comfort after a loss.

  5. The article provides a comprehensive list of potential signs from loved ones who have passed. The inclusion of various sensory experiences adds depth to the understanding of how spirits might try to communicate.


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