Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

People have mental, physical and emotional illnesses and this is a basic philosophy that comes with healing traditions. When someone is distanced from the divine, there is a chance that their wellbeing is affected.

The divine is a place of all of your energy and when you are away form it, you will become ill and have things happen o you in different forms. The reason for this is that it allows you to know that you need to reconnect with your spirit being so that you can be whole.

Spiritual healing is important and can help you to have a real nature in the spirit world and to be healthy. The truth is that when you are discerning and cautious, chances are you will look more inside and find that you need healing but you might be afraid of false healers and people that are scamming you.

When someone has been experienced in spiritual healing or works in a spiritual field, they will find that there are different kinds of healing for everyone.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is when you practice balancing your soul and your chakras. When you need spiritual healing, you will see it as a reconnection, and you will see that it can help you to be strong and healthy like never before.

Types of Spiritual Healing

There are different types of spiritual healings and there are some people that only focus on balancing the etheric body and the energy field. When you have shamanic healers, they will help you to focus on your soul while those that are holistic healers, they will focus on your soul, body, heart and mind. Some psychologists and counselors are even starting to do spiritual healing as part of their counseling.

Here are five different types of spiritual healing:

  • Healing of the body or physical healing.
  • Healing of the heart or emotional healing.
  • Healing of the mind or mental healing.
  • Healing of the soul or soul healing.
  • Healing of the body, heart, soul and mind or holistic healing.

Here are some questions you will need to ask in order to get the healing you need:

  • What kinds of struggles do you have in your life?
  • What kind of issues are pressuring you?

No matter what kinds of answers you have, you will need to understand different kinds of healing to know what kind of spiritual healing you need. For example, if you have pain in your body and you are chronically suffering with pain, you need to work with someone that does healing of the body.

On the other hand, if you have some kind of depression or stress that you cannot deal with and your body is aching and you are unable to shake things, then you need to find a holistic healer. If you deal with things such as depression or grief, then chances are you need an emotional healer.

Other types of spiritual healing include chakra healing, herbal remedies, reiki, meditation and so on.

How Can I Heal My Soul?

If you love and believe in spiritual healing, this is something that you might be missing from your life. Some people can say what they are feeling while others do not realize what they are feeling and just feel like they are lost or hurting.

Some might feel that they have a lost or broken soul, but this is just part of the spiritual healing. When something is wrong with you and you feel like you have lost touch with your soul, chances are you are living a life that has no joy and peace.

You have to know how to heal your soul but not a real healing but a finding. Those that are spiritual healers understand that they can do different things to find themselves and to heal their soul such as:

  • Care for themselves
  • Have inner child healing
  • Shadow work
  • Soul finding
  • Introspection
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Connecting with totem spirits
  • Nature energy

Always use discernment when you go for spiritual healing because not all spiritual healers and teachers are the same.

Dark Side of Spiritual Healing

There is a reason why most people do not talk about the bad parts of spiritual healing and the main reason is because they do not even know that there can be a dark side of it. Or chances are that they just do not want to face this.

There are ways that a spiritual healer can self-destruct and even though it sounds crazy, it can happen. There are two parts of spiritual healing including:


This is when the spirit will resist getting rid of certain things like bad memories or bad things that have happened. When you want to get rid of these things, you do it because you do not want to suffer. You can suffer with anger, depression, anxiety and other things.

Everyone needs to understand that when you try to heal, it is not always about healing, it can also be about getting rid of negative things and keeping them gone.

You want to get rid of your anxiety and your suffering but if you have been deeply hurt, you might become overly tired of trying to be healed and have a hard time finding your happiness.

When you are constantly trying to heal yourself, you might become resistant to what is happening to you and not be able to be healed. You have to understand what you are going through and try not to hide reality.

Dark Teachers

Another issue is that some spiritual healers are people that are not about you but about themselves. They do things for their own gain and even though this is sad and hurtful to those looking for help, these people want to make their own money and not meet the desires of their clients. When this happens, it can cause you to suffer more and make you not be able to move forward.

You need to make sure that you find a spiritual healer that will give you power and will make you independent. They will give you a right path and you will have strong enlightenment. You will find that you can be in a dangerous situation if you do not find the right healer.

Authentic Healing

Healing does not hurt you and it stops things from controlling your life. Spiritual healing is not the problem, the problem is our mental thoughts and allowing bad healers to come into our life.

Healing is used to help you find your potential and help you to deal with damaging thing. True spiritual healing allows you to figure out what you are going through and fix it and not just push it under the rug.

When you pretend or ignore a bad situation, it causes there to be more pain later. When you need to be healed, you will find that, and this will help you to stop having to care the burden of the pain and suffering.


Spiritual healing sometimes is thought to cure suffering, but the truth is that you have to learn to suffer through it and then learn to solve the problems. When you are not realistic in your reality, you have to understand that your suffering can get deeper. Figure out what is really the issue in your life and heal them so that you can be a better person.