The Praying Mantis: An Omen


The praying mantis is a unique and fascinating creature. They are masters of camouflage, stealth, and patience. Because of this, mantis sightings are extremely rare. When you do see a praying mantis, it is a mesmerizing experience. You may get lost watching just how still the praying mantis is. It’s almost like it’s meditating or staring back at you.

A Symbol of Patience and Peace

The praying mantis has long been considered the symbol of meditative or contemplative thought. It is a prime example of patience and spiritual peace. Do not be surprised if you see a praying mantis when your life is at its most volatile. They appear to remind us to settle ourselves. If you are feeling out of balance, the praying mantis reminds you to find your center.

Timing is Everything

Even when the mantis is about to strike, there is an air of patience. They are hunters that eat other insects. They are unique in that they wait to strike until they CANNOT fail. Mantises look for a 100% chance of success, and they know that that requires waiting for the opportune moment. This is the most important lesson we can learn from the praying mantis. If a bug can wait for the right time, so can we.

The Praying Mantis in Different Cultures

The praying mantis gets its name from its resting pose. It most often stands upright, with its 2 front legs together as if in prayer. This has been interpreted as highly symbolic in many different cultures. Japanese culture historically admires the praying mantis because they are patient and graceful, both ideal characteristics in that culture. They are the honored inspiration of multiple martial arts styles originating in China. Even in South Africa, the presence of a praying mantis in your home is taken as a visit from that family’s ancestors. In general, many cultures call them a symbol of good luck.

At the same time, we cannot forget that the praying mantis is a skilled and dangerous hunter. Some cultures interpret this to symbolize encroaching enemies. In this case, seeing a praying mantis serves as a warning that someone is coming and they mean you harm. It can be difficult to know which message to take from your praying mantis sighting.

A Prophet

In Ancient Greek, the word “mantis” translates to someone who foretells, like a seer or prophet. It could be considered the spirit animal of clairvoyant people and a symbol of their presence. People who meditate frequently may also find a kindred spirit in the mantis.

Actually, channeling the praying mantis is a common practice for psychic healers. They emulate the mantis, deep in meditation, and focus on the work they wish to achieve. This meditative nature is why spirits like using the mantis to communicate with us. If you’re feeling like life is hectic and you’re constantly busy, you just may see a praying mantis in the future. Remember to “stop and smell the roses” as they say.

A Spirit Guide

The term “spirit animal” usually brings to mind the image of something with fur or feathers. But the praying mantis fits in this category as well. We call these embodied spirits “totem animals”. The interesting thing about totem animals is that they choose who they connect to, not the other way around. If you are a contemplative person and tend to be slow and deliberate in your actions, it is likely that a praying mantis would connect with you. You will be successful in your endeavors as long as you wait for the opportune moment, like the mantis.